The Cornell Design Award for High School students was established in 2009 as a way to introduce High School students to opportunities in Fashion Design at the college level.  Since then, we have received over 1,400 entries showcasing a wide variety of creative talent from the United States and abroad.  Our panel of judges is consistently impressed by  the creativity of the entries answering our challenges.

This year's challenge was "Fear and Freedom".  Here are the winners!


1. Zion Yang



2. Alivia Matthews

3. Ji Soo Kim


4. Yuree Chan


Silver Honorable Mention

1. Matthew Oh

2.Ji Yoon Kim

3. Jimin Suh

4. Allison Chen

5. Lizzie Bonsal

6. James Li

7. Ji Soo Kim

8. Haejun Rah

9. Shania Zhu

design award winner with dress and drawing

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