Cornell University faculty members who would like to contribute towards the mission of CIFFI are invited to join as Faculty Fellows. Faculty member from other institutions may also be apply.  If you are interested in becoming a Faculty Fellow, e-mail us at

Susan P. Ashdown 
Professor Emerita, Fiber Science & Apparel Design 
Research is in the field of technical apparel design, with a concentration on sizing and fit of both fashion and functional apparel, and the use of full body three-dimensional scanning in the apparel industry.
Fatma Baytar
 Fiber Science & Apparel Design
Her research focus is digital technologies; particularly 3-D virtual prototyping and 3-D body scanning; and examining how these technologies transform apparel design processes and products.
C.C. Chu 
Fiber Science & Apparel Design 
Research focuses on the study of biomaterials, particularly the design and synthesis of novel biodegradable polymers/fibers/fabrics for tissue regeneration and repair including vascular grafts, wound closure and drug control/release purposes.
Sheila Danko, DEA
Design & Environmental Analysis
Research focuses on design as a tool for leadership and social change. Understanding design as a transformational tool (vs material artifact) is key to leadership.
Jintu Fan 
Fiber Science & Apparel Design,
Research is focused on improving the understanding of the interaction between human body, clothing and environment, and on that basis, to develop clothing with enhanced functional performance and aesthetic appearance.
Margaret Frey 
Fiber Science & Apparel Design
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs, College of Human Ecology 
Research is focused on Interfacing fiber science and nanotechnology with strong collaboration with researchers in both related and dissimilar fields.
Emmanuel Giannelis
Materials Science and Engineering
Research interests include polymer nanocomposites, nanobiohybrids, nanoparticle fluids and flexible electronics. His group is internationally recognized as one of the leading groups in polymer nanocomposites.  Dr. Giannelis will be collaborating with Jintu Fan to explore nano-finishes for cotton fabrics.
Juan Hinestroza
Fiber Science & Apparel Design
Research focuses on exploring the interface between the technologically established and mature field of textile science with the emerging and revolutionary field of nanoscale science.
Yong L. Joo 
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering 
Research focuses on the integration of molecular details into a macroscopic level in polymeric materials processing.
Edwin Chihchuan Kan 
Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Research areas include wearable electronics, semiconductor device physics, flash memory, CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) technologies, CMOS biosensors, and ultra‐low power radio links.  Dr. Kan is an investigator with Jintu Fan, Tasha Lewis, Huiju Park, and Associate Professor Ronggui Yang, Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado at Boulder on the development of thermoregulatory undergarments.
Van Dyk Lewis 
Fiber Science & Apparel Design 
Research is on critical ethnographic work focusing upon fashion's formalistic construction, retarded by group thought and histories.
Tasha Lewis 
Fiber Science & Apparel Design 
Research interests include the disruptive impact of technology in the apparel industry, the behavior of fashion brands, global and  domestic apparel production ("glocalization") issues, and the significance of social responsibility and sustainability throughout the global apparel supply chain.
Minglin Ma
Biological and Environmental Engineering
Professor Ma’s research interests include development of novel biomaterials and engineering approaches to package live things, ranging from single stem cells to multi-cellular aggregates for biophysical studies or therapeutic applications. He is also interested in developing biomaterials for non-medical applications such as sustainability and food safety.
Anil Netravali 
Fiber Science & Apparel Design 
Current research projects include the development of fully biodegradable, environment-friendly 'green' composites and nanocomposites using plant based fibers and resins, surface modification of high strength fibers to control their adhesion to various resins including nanophase epoxies, development of bacterial nanocellulose and other 'green' nanofibers for high strength composites and other applications, development of 'green' seed coatings, icephobic and superhydrophobic nanocoatings.
Huiju Park
Fiber Science & Apparel Design
Research focuses on thermal protection and comfort of protective clothing and sportswear, design and evaluation of auxiliary heating/cooling garments, mobility of  protective clothing and injury risk, footwear design and evaluation,  and smart clothing.
Jooyoung Shin
Fiber Science &Apparel Design 
Research interests include fashion and the concept of beauty; contemporary fashion trends; cultural perspectives on dress.