Many summer internships require that you be eligible for academic credit for the experience.  You may be awarded 1 S/U credit of FSAD 4020: Supervised Fieldwork in the subsequent fall semester if ALL the following requirements are met:

•    You have completed the Freshman year and a minimum of 30 credits (Cornell, transfer, and/or AP) prior to your internship.

•    Your FSAD faculty advisor agrees to be your sponsor.  If your internship employer requires proof that you will be receiving credit for the internship, your faculty advisor should write this letter for you.

•    You obtain an unpaid or paid summer internship comprising of at least 10 hours a week for a minimum of 8 weeks. (More than one internship placement, completed in the same summer, may be combined to meet the minimum work hour and week requirement).  You will need to provide your faculty advisor with written proof from your Internship Supervisor of completion of the internship(s).

•    During the summer internship, keep a daily diary of your work experience.  Also obtain a few informal color photographs of you working at various internship activities that you can describe in terms of what, where, when, and with whom.

•    The following fall semester, register for FSAD 4020 for 1 S/U credit on a Special Studies form.  You will need your advisor’s signature on this form.

•    You will participate in an open-panel at which you and other summer internship students describe experiences to other students. The undergraduate internship seminar will be arranged by the Director of Undergraduate Studies during October or November.

•    Before the last day of fall term classes, you will submit your letter proving your employment, your diary, 3-4 photos (.jpg) with descriptions, and a 6-page paper to your faculty advisor, reflecting on the internship and its relationship to your field of study and career goals, so that your advisor can submit the appropriate S or U grade.

•    Students may repeat the 1 S/U credit FSAD 4020 study for three separate fall semesters, for a total of 3 credits.  No more than 1 S/U credit will be given for each internship-related FSAD 4020 independent study.