The Fashion Design Management option applies economic and marketing principles to consumer and industry issues. It focuses on the processes used to design, manufacture, and market apparel and textile products. Students will also explore topics such as advertising and marketing, and entrepreneurship, as well as, the impact of developing technologies, the globalization of the industry, questions of sustainability. If you are undecided between Apparel Design, Option I and Fashion Design Management, Option II, start with the Option I curriculum plan.

To apply to the Fiber Science & Apparel Design program, please contact Human Ecology undergraduate Admissions.

Download the curriculum and sample schedule worksheet.

Students will also be able to take courses in other departments of the College and the University. During the summers and occasionally during the winter break many students will do internships to explore aspects of the industry and gain experience. These internships can be done for credit, under the department Internship Guidelines. Most students also go abroad, usually during the spring of the junior year, an important experience for anyone preparing for a career in this global industry. Some students choose to participate in the Cornell New York semester for their off-campus study. In order to graduate with honors you can apply for the FSAD Honors Program.

The Fashion Design Management curriculum is interdisciplinary, with a mixture of classes in the FSAD Department and other departments. This allows some flexibility in scheduling. However, some foundation classes in FSAD are prerequisites for later courses, and so must be taken in the first semester.