The Fashion Design option is unique in its focus on the fashion design process, integrating conceptual design thinking with apparel skills, and design methods with innovative, cutting-edge technologies. Following three semesters of apparel and textiles foundation courses, the student is ready to begin the Collections studio sequence, during which they will develop their individual vision of fashion, to be expressed in a final Collection. Download the curriculum and a sample schedule worksheet for this option.

To apply to the Fiber Science & Apparel Design program, please contact Human Ecology undergraduate Admissions.

Students will also be able to take courses in other departments of the College and the University. During the summers and occasionally during the winter break many students will do internships to explore aspects of the industry and gain experience. These internships can be done for credit, under the department Internship Guidelines. Most students also go abroad, usually during the spring of the junior year, an important experience for anyone preparing for a career in this global industry. Some students choose to participate in the Cornell New York semester for their Off-campus study. In order to graduate with honors you can apply for the FSAD Honors Program.

The Fashion Design curriculum is centered on a series of studio classes that are offered only once a year, and must be taken in sequence. Each is the prerequisite for the next. Therefore it is essential to be registered in these FSAD classes in your first semester; failure to do so could result in delayed graduation.

These classes are very demanding. Therefore, although you may register for up to 18 credits, we strongly recommend that you limit your enrollment to the list of required classes, and up to no more than 16 credits, for this semester. Minimum number of credits that can be taken to remain in good standing is 12 credits. Keep in mind that if you find that you are overloaded, it is quite acceptable to drop a non- required course during the first part of the semester. Deadlines for adding and dropping courses will be provided later.

The following classes are required during fall semester for all Freshmen in Option I:
Freshman writing seminar (3cr) (both writing seminars must be completed during the freshman year to remain in good academic standing)
FSAD 1170 Fashion Graphics (3cr)
FSAD 1250 Art, Design, & Visual Thinking (3cr)
FSAD 1450 Intro to Apparel Design (3cr)

The following classes are recommended for all Freshmen in Option I:
Psych 1101 or HD 1150 or HD 1170 (3cr)
Physical Education (1) (2 credits to be completed, preferably the freshman year)