Background of Statewide Data Collection System

In 2009 a team of Cornell researchers, led by Rachel Dunifon and Kimberly Kopko, as well as CCE parent educators, developed the Statewide Data Collection system. This online system allows parent educators to enter data collected from pre- and post-tests at the initial and final parenting classes. The data is then analyzed and results at the County, Program, and State levels are distributed to parenting educators and posted to the Parenting In Context website each year. Prior to the development of this system, many parenting programs were not evaluated or other programs had a specific evaluation and there was no way to compare evaluations across programs.

Getting Started with Data Collection

If you are interested in collecting data on your parenting program, please first review the protocol and access the pre- and post-tests.

Inputting Data

After you have collected participant data, please input the data online.

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