Research in the Division of Nutritional Sciences falls into several overlapping core areas: molecular nutrition, human nutrition and metabolism, systems approaches to nutrition, and nutrition and disease in populations.

The faculty, postdoctoral associates, technical staff, and graduate students have expertise in the physical, life and social sciences, and they are jointly committed to fundamental and multidisciplinary research and its translation to nutrition practice and policy.

Nutrition at Cornell is committed to knowledge generation, discovery and improving human health in the areas of: Precision Nutrition and Metabolism; Lifecycle Nutrition; Food and Nutrition Systems; and, Healthy and Thriving Communities.

Faculty Profiles

Laura Barre
Assistant Clinical Professor

Daniel Berry
Assistant Professor

Patsy Brannon

Patricia Ann Cassano
Professor and Division Associate Director
Cassano Lab

Marie Caudill
Cholkids Cognition Study

Carol Devine
Food Choice Research Group and Sisters in Health

Jamie Dollahite
Professor and Director, NE Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention Center of Excellence, Food and Nutrition Education in Communities

David Erickson
Joint Professor

Julia Finkelstein
Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition | The Follett Sesquicentennial Faculty Fellow
Finkelstein Lab

Zhenglong Gu
Associate Professor
The Gu Lab

John F. Hoddinott
Babcock Professor of Food and Nutrition Economics and Policy

Tashara Leak
Lois and Mel Tukman Assistant Professor

David Levitsky

Marla Lujan
Assistant Professor
Lujan Lab

Charles McCormick
Associate Professor

Saurabh Mehta
Associate Professor of Global Health, Epidemiology, and Nutrition
Mehta Research Group

Anna Thalacker-Mercer
Assistant Professor

Dennis Miller
Joint Professor

Kimberly O'Brien
O’Brien Lab

Christine Olson

Robert Parker

David Pelletier

Prabhu Pingali
Professor and Director, Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition (TCI)

Angela Poole
Assistant Professor

Shu-Bing Qian
Associate Professor
Shu-Bing Qian Lab

Kathleen Rasmussen
The Nancy Schlegel Meinig Professor of Maternal and Child Nutrition

David Sahn

Rebecca Seguin
Associate Professor

Jeffery Sobal
Food Choice Research Group

Paul Soloway
Soloway Lab

Martha Stipanuk

Rebecca Stoltzfus

Patrick Stover
Professor & Division Director

Barbara Strupp