To ensure that food is ordered and delivered in a timely and cost-effective way to the DNS Food Lab and the HMRU Kitchen.


Neither the DNS Food Lab nor the HMRU Kitchen is easily accessible for food delivery. An account with Top’s food market on Meadow Street in Ithaca and an account with Red Runner delivery service have been established to facilitate bringing needed groceries to the Food Lab and the HMRU Kitchen thus eliminating the use of personal vehicles, parking on campus and minimizing the amount of staff time required.


Food Labs Manager
Meghan Witherow
(607) 255-3173

HMRU Operations Manager  
Erica Bender
(607) 255-9417


  1. Anyone requiring delivery of groceries from Top’s must provide their order to the Food Lab Manager. The Manager will need to be provided with the date and time the food is needed and also the account to be charged for the groceries and delivery fee. NOTE: It’s important to provide this list as soon as possible, but no later than 3 full days before, the groceries are needed. This ensures adequate time for steps 2-4 (below) to happen.

  2. The Food Labs Manager will contact Top’s providing the list of groceries needed and agreeing on a date and time for Red Runner to collect the groceries from Top’s and deliver them to the MVR Loading Dock.

  3. The Food Labs Manager will then contact Red Runner by e-mail to arrange for pick-up. She will estimate the size of the order to be collected from Top’s so Red Runner can determine what vehicle is needed for this pick-up and delivery.

  4. The Food Labs Manager will then send an e-mail to the person who requested groceries with information on when the delivery will be made. Please NOTE:

    • It is the responsibility of the individual requiring delivery to meet Red Runner on the Loading Dock of MVR Hall to collect the delivery, check the delivery against the original order, and take care of the items delivered.

    • If items are missing for the order then the Food Labs Manager should be notified immediately so she can address this with Top’s.

  5. The person who checks-in the groceries must provide the HMRU Manager with the original Charge Sales Invoice and Top’s register tape. These documents can be deposited in the holder affixed to the Manager’s office door (271-W MVR).

  6. The HMRU Manager receives a monthly statement from Top’s and from Red Runner and then invoices the appropriate accounts, using the documentation described in step 5 as back-up.