Our mission is to engage new researchers and practitioners in the field of global health and to establish new and unique relationships that foster a multidisciplinary approach to solving global health problems.

We define global health as research, service, and training that address health problems that transcend national boundaries, that disproportionately affect the resource-poor, and that are best addressed through multidisciplinary solutions.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Global Health Minor, we expect students to:

  1. Analyze global health problems, issues and controversies using multiple disciplinary perspectives and conceptual frameworks.
  2. Integrate knowledge from academic study and experiential learning toward being active and informed citizens in a global community.
  3. Demonstrate the capacity to critically reflect on one's own values, ethics, assumptions and actions in the context of cultures, collaborations and institutions.
  4. Demonstrate the capacity to collaborate across differences (e.g. cultural, social, personal, economic, values, religious).