The Global Health Program encourages students to engage directly with the program, and to involve themselves in leadership positions, projects, and organizations that will allow them to continue to pursue studies in the field of global health beyond the classroom. There are numerous opportunities to take on a larger role within the Global Health Program, and students are encouraged to do so.

The Cornell Global Health Program offers students who successfully participate in one of the Global Health Summer Programs the opportunity to serve as a student program assistant upon their return to Cornell's campus. These student program assistants provide programmatic and administrative support for the programs, and act as leaders for the next cohort of students participating in the program. Program assistants play an active role in peer facilitation, and are involved with the program through TA-ships to lead the Pre-Departure Seminars in the Spring semester for each Global Health Summer Program. They may also travel with the student cohort to assist with the abroad program.

Each program assistant works closely with the Global Health Program teaching team, receiving extensive mentorship throughout the academic year and building leadership skills. All student program assistants receive training in facilitation of critical reflection, leadership, group development, intercultural competency, and risk management through a series of training seminars. They then have the opportunity to apply their training on campus as teaching assistants, or to travel back to the field with the next cohort of students. This leadership role is an excellent opportunity for students to serve as peer mentors, and to guide students through their shared experiences abroad.