The mission is to prepare graduates ready for evidence-based practice as registered dietitian nutritionists in community, clinical and management settings, for leadership in that practice, and for translational research to inform that practice.


The goals are to produce graduates who are prepared to:

  • practice evidence-based dietetics competently at the entry-level through the integration of knowledge and theory in nutritional sciences; and
  • engage in professional leadership and research in their dietetics practice.


The objectives are to:

  • produce graduates who within 12 months pass the RD exam the first time;
  • attract, retain and graduate excellent interns in 150% of program length;
  • produce graduates who are employed in dietetics & related areas for those seeking employment within 12 months;
  • produce graduates who have achieved entry-level competence;
  • produce graduates who engage in leadership in their profession or job in their first 5 years; and
  • produce graduates who engage in research in profession or job in first five years.

Outcomes Assessed

To assess the achievement of its mission, goals and objectives, the Internship measures the following outcomes: first time pass rate, completion rate, entering GPA, employment rate, competency upon completion, leadership in first five years and research in first five years.

Internship outcome data are available upon request. Contact us at dietetics@cornell.edu.