To be eligible for the internship, applicants must have completed or be completing (by the start of the internship) an ACEND-accredited DPD program and have received or be receiving (by the start of the internship) at least a Bachelor's degree from a US regionally-accredited college or university. For applicants from foreign institutions, documentation must be provided that their academic degree has been validated as equivalent to the bachelor's or master's degree conferred by a US regionally-accredited college or university. Applicants from foreign institutions should visit the ACEND site for more information including links to independent foreign degree evaluation agencies.

Application Deadline

  • Pre-select - January 2 (midnight) only for Cornell DPD students and Combined PhD/RD applicants.
  • Computer-matching - February 1 (midnight).

Apply online  at DICAS. Begin your application well in advance of the deadline to ensure that the three references you list submit their recommendations electronically prior to the deadline. Completed applications must include:

  • Three references with email contact.
  • Personal statement of your goals and how our internship facilitates you achieving your goals.
  • DPD verification or declaration of intent statement.
  • Official transcripts from all schools sent to DICAS - Transcript Dept., PO Box 9118, Watertown, MA 02472.
  • $35 non-refundable application fee payable to Cornell University and mailed to our contact address.

Computer-matching applicants will rank internships online with D&D Digital by February 15. Serious candidates should list Cornell as their priority to increase their placement chances. Note that the application due date for the Cornell Dietetic Internship is earlier that the D&D matching due date. Applicants applying through pre-select and offered acceptance do not go through computer matching. If not offered acceptance through pre-select, applicants may be considered for openings through the computer match process.

Selection is based on the following, in order of importance:

  • Telephone interview
  • Quality of references
  • Relevance of paid or volunteer work experience in at least one dietetics practice setting
  • Quality of personal statement and 'fit' of goals with Cornell Dietetic Internship
  • Learning ability as evidenced by academic record (average GPA of 3.65 of 4.0 with range 3.0 (minimum acceptable) to 4.0)

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