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Design and Environmental Analysis (D+EA) combines innovative design thinking with insightful design research to understand how the built environment impacts our daily lives. Through multi-disciplinary training in human-centered design, environmental psychology, ergonomics, and facility strategy and management we tackle problems from a systems view – people, process, and place – to create strategic, sustainable, and healthy futures by design.

PURSUIT spring recruitment event

If interested in traveling to Ithaca to conduct interviews with D+EA students during our Spring recruitment event, PURSUIT, contact:

Design + Environmental Analysis
Administrative Assistant

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If you cannot travel to Ithaca but would like your job opening advertised to current D+EA students, there are two options to consider:

We can include your job posting in our weekly e-newsletter.  Email with the following job posting information:

  • Job Title
  • Permanent Position or Temporary Internship
  • Start/End dates or Term of Internship
  • Job Location (s)
  • Job Description including Responsibilities
  • Company Name
  • Contact Person and Contact Information
  • Application Deadline
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Or you can post your positions directly on Handshake, Cornell University’s recruitment system:

Travel to Ithaca

If interested in traveling to Ithaca to conduct interviews with students across the entire campus, contact:

Employer Services Operations Lead

If interested in traveling to Ithaca to give a presentation to D+EA students about your firm (limited to availability), contact:
D+EA, Director of Undergraduate Studies