From the project team

None of us expected to be living through a pandemic, especially during a time when there are so many other social, political and economic movements and uncertainties. Since leaving campus in March 2020, we have all been charting new territory.

Behind our Resilience 2020+ is an effort to capture the experiences of the College of Human Ecology community during this incredible time in our history. The goal of the project is to collect and illustrate individual, creative expressions - allowing participants to share through any means that feels most honest and accurate to the individual (visual, written, audio, or any by any other medium.) 

Submissions will be integrated into an archive, which will ultimately illustrate the diverse, collective stories of our community. They will also be used to create a digital or physical exhibit at some point.

Below is a link to the submission survey form. Since we remain in the midst of an historically unique and unfolding public health crisis, we invite you to return to this submission portal as many times as you like.

If you have a physical object you would like to submit, please email Sarah Harrington at

There is no deadline for submitting.