CIPA Colloquium is a public affairs speaker series that includes interactive speaker forums, multi-speaker panels, professional development workshops and roundtables designed to assist students in career development and networking opportunities.

Two colloquia each semester are dedicated to case-based presentations by government or industry leaders who discuss a significant challenge they faced in their professional role. The presenters typically describe the strategies and decisions that were effective to address challenging projects and showcase the results. Another colloquium is a panel discussion about topical challenges or issues relevant to public policymakers and the approaches they might take to resolve the challenges. At least once a semester, students will also hear from a CIPA graduate who describes his or her professional journey after graduation, providing general career advice.

The Colloquium is a required, one-credit course graded S/U based on attendance. The events fulfill various Colloquium requirements. Students must attend a total of eight events, including four colloquium speaker events, two professional development workshops, one concentration meeting, and one roundtable.

Events are organized in collaboration with students in the Colloquium Committee.

For more information, please contact: Elizabeth Day, Engaged Learning Associate