Beth Fry's MPA '20 thesis attracts media coverage in Cleveland

Beth Fry MPA '20

Over the summer, recent CIPA graduate, Beth Fry's MPA thesis “Racial Imbalance Between Communities and Public Schools in Cuyahoga County, Ohio: Non-Hispanic Whites Opting Out Amid Rising Black Enrollments,” saw considerable press attention in northeast Ohio and on social media.  

Fry's thesis examines patterns of white family opt-out enrollment rates and the role of public policy in furthering segregation in the Cleveland-area.

Her study finds, "especially poor, minority public school districts already face disinvestment due to an unconstitutional funding formula that relies too heavily on property taxes, they also see incredibly high levels of attrition from the white student body." 

The Cleveland Scene and Cleveland Magazine have cited Fry's work in coverage about the resegregation of Cleveland and the effects of white flight from Cleveland proper and its inner suburbs.

Fry writes, “The explanation for the difference is simple: higher black student enrollments. For every two black students that enrolls in a public school district in Cuyahoga County, one white student will exit--whether it be by moving or going to private school. Since residential patterns follow those similar to ones created by unconstitutional redlining maps nearly 100 years ago, it's not hard to see why this is happening at a sobering rate on Cleveland's east side inner-ring."

Read the coverage here:

I hope my findings can push important dialogue forward on educational choices propagating white supremacy as we move forward into a more equitable society.

Beth Fry MPA '20

Beth Fry MPA '20

Beth Fry MPA ’20 is a public affairs professional passionate about the intersection of racial politics and neighborhoods. She is particularly interested in affordable housing, urban affairs & planning, and community development.  Fry is actively seeking a full-time position based in Washington, DC, with plans on relocating to the District post-pandemic.  

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