Who Should Apply

  • Public affairs practitioners with more than 8 years of experience who need to balance a rigorous graduate education with the demands of a full-time job

    • Elected officials
    • Congressional and state legislative staff
    • Federal, State, and Local Government professionals 
    • Foreign government personnel
    • Personnel of international organizations
    • Military Service Members (Note: Availability of VA funding for this program is pending review.)
    • NGO staff
  • Private sector professionals working in the public interest at the interface with government agencies

    • Data science professionals looking to hone their management skills for careers that intersect with government
    • Professionals working in highly-regulated industries (infrastructure, financial services, logistics and shipping, technology)
    • Commercial and Public Sector management consultants
    • Sustainability professionals

EMPA Admissions Counselors

If you have questions, please feel free to contact our EMPA Admissions Counselors: