Expense Type Cost

Tuition and Fees (2018-2019)


Student Health Insurance (can be waived if student has existing coverage)


Room and Board (9 months)


Books and Supplies


Personal Expenses


Total Cost of Attendance


The estimate of costs above may vary, depending on your lifestyle and personal needs. Following is an explanation of your costs.

Student Health Insurance

You are automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan. To appeal enrollment in the student plan, you must show that you have comparable coverage through another plan. The Office of Student Health Benefits can provide further information on benefit particulars and enrollment deadlines.

Room and Board

Your room and board budget is based on $1,000 a month for nine months of housing and $500 a month for food. 

Personal expenses

We have built into your budget other costs aside from room and board and health insurance. These costs might include transportation, parking, telephone service and other expenses.