At CIPA, you will find that we offer a graduate education spanning the globe. In addition to summer internships and a core faculty renowned for research and consulting beyond academia, CIPA offers you a variety of options for off-campus study during the academic year. All of these opportunities are designed to complement your studies at CIPA, and provide opportunities for networking, and exposure to challenging professional environments. Fellows who participate in our off-campus semesters receive academic and professional support from faculty, staff, and our global alumni. In addition, Fellows who plan their schedules strategically may be able to extend a six-month commitment to internship host organizations by combining an off-campus study semester with a summer internship.

You may enroll in one semester of off-campus study as part of your MPA course of study. These opportunities are available to Fellows in good academic standing who are making satisfactory progress toward the degree. If you are interested in pursing this opportunity, you are strongly encouraged to begin planning this with their academic advisors as early as possible in your graduate career at Cornell. Note: all coursework undertaken at institutions other than Cornell must be approved by your academic advisor and confirmed by the CIPA Director of Graduate Studies. Information sessions on off-campus study opportunities are held during the fall semester. As each opportunity has its own application requirements and deadlines, you should carefully research each program before applying.

Opportunities for off-campus study include the following programs:

Cornell Off-Campus Study Programs:

Two study programs maintained by Cornell on a university-wide basis have been approved by the CIPA Core Faculty as meeting professional and academic standards that satisfy MPA degree requirements. These programs in Nepal and Italy include instruction by Cornell faculty, on-site Cornell staff, and residential opportunities. Although there is no additional tuition charge for participating in these programs, which are open to both Cornell undergraduate and graduate students, students may incur additional expenses related to travel and lodging.

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CIPA Off-Campus Study Programs:

CIPA offers two program-specific Externship Semester opportunities, which enable Fellows to live and work in either Washington, DC, or Mysore, India for a semester. The CIPA Washington Externship allows you to gain professional experience in various government agencies, private sector firms, or non-government agencies, while living for one semester in the nation’s capital.  The India Externship offers opportunities for work in education, health, poverty alleviation, and training/research/advisory/consulting services with both the Washington, DC and Mysore, India programs, you maintain your full-time status as a Cornell graduate student while pursuing the externship. In addition, you may take relevant coursework, while enrolled in each of these programs. 

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