Working with their academic advisor and the IPMF faculty coordinator, students pursuing an IPMF certificate will design a program of study that meets the academic requirements outlined below. CIPA students pursuing this certification are typically working toward a concentration in the area of Science, Technology and Infrastructure.

The certificate requires the following 4 courses listed below and one elective course. 

Required Courses:

  • PADM 5110: Public Administration (Fall/Spring) or PADM 5114: Organizational Design, Change, and Leadership (Spring) – 3 credits
  • PAM 5340: Regulation and Infrastructure Policy – 3 credits
  • PADM 5755: Infrastructure Finance (Spring) – 3 credits
  • PADM 5418: Strategic Stakeholder Engagement (Spring) – 1.5 credits

Note: Elective coursework availability varies per year. Please check with the advisor.

Additional Requirements:

1. Practical Experience:  Students must successfully complete a practical experience related to IPMF. Options include an infrastructure project course organized by CIPA* or an infrastructure-focused internship.

*In 2019, for the third annual practicum experience, students traveled to Puerto Rico to examine options for providing Internet service to public institutions, (e.g., libraries, clinics, hospitals, municipal buildings, etc.) and households in Puerto Rico which are situated in municipalities that do not currently have adequate service.  Based on their research and discussions with stakeholders, they devised a plan to leverage the high-speed broadband infrastructure currently in place at each of the public schools in Puerto Rico.  They prepared a white paper outlining their proposal, the benefit being that it avoids extensive infrastructure improvements.

2. Exit Project: Students must successfully complete an exit project (a capstone, thesis or professional report) on infrastructure policy, management or finance.

Program Coordinator

For more information about IPMF, please contact CIPA Visiting Scholar John Foote. A Research Fellow at the Taubman Center for State and Local Government at Harvard’s Kennedy School, he was a co-founder of a transportation engineering company specializing in intelligent transportation systems and services. He also has 12 years of experience as a public finance banker both in the U.S. and in Asia.

Application Process:

Statement of Purpose: Submit an essay of up to 1,000 words demonstrating your interest in the program, as well as the value-added perspective or experience that you will bring to the program and to its faculty and fellow students. In addition, you should discuss how you hope to incorporate the IPMF program into your future academic and professional life.

Interview: If selected as a finalist for the IPMF Fellows program, you may be asked to participate in an interview with IPMF program faculty and staff.

Application Deadline: The deadline for applying to the program is early September. Check with the advisor for a specific date.

Documentation: Applications should include the following materials and may be sent electronically to Please list “IPMF Certificate Application” in the subject line of your email. Alternately, you may submit a hard copy to the CIPA Main Office, located in 294 Caldwell Hall. 

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Your Résumé/CV
  • Your Transcript (both undergraduate and graduate, if applicable).