Apr 5, 2018
Lisa Jervey Lennox, CIPA Assistant Director for External Relations & Communications
In Cornell Institute for Public Affairs

The editors of The Cornell Policy Review, CIPA’s online policy journal, hosted a showcase in March to highlight and celebrate the growth and accomplishments of the journal over the past year.

Photo of group of editors: At the Policy Review Showcase in March, outgoing editors welcomed the new staff for 2018-19.  Nida Mahmud ’19 was named editor-in-chief

At the Policy Review Showcase in March, outgoing editors welcomed the new staff for 2018-19.  Nida Mahmud '19 was named editor-in-chief. 

Each editorial board for the Review has enjoyed shaping and advancing the mission of the publication. This year, led by Editor-in-Chief Arpit Chaturvedi ’18, the team focused on expanding the reach of the Review. Under the direction of Senior Public Relations Editor Lillian Gabreski, they saw unique visitors to the site grow from 750 a month to 1350. Likewise, website hits grew from just over 2,000 a month to 5,000.

Looking forward, Chaturvedi says the Review hopes to further “expand [its] reach by soliciting content and building strategic partnerships with various institutions, both within and outside of Cornell. We have already reached out to over 17 public administration and policy programs across the world seeking article submissions from them. We also intend to develop stronger content sharing partnerships on various forums as we move ahead.”

Highlights for 2018-19 include the publication of two special editions—one on Systems Thinking and another on GIS.  In addition, the Review increased its podcasts.  Among their latest ones is an interview with a former Minister of Foreign Investment for the Government of the Republic of Macedonia H.E. Gligor Tashkovich, and another by the Chair of the Centre for Strategic and International Studies Adam Seminski.  Forthcoming will be an interview with the former Chief Economist of the World Bank Kaushik Basu. 

This year, the Review has published 39 articles. 41% of the articles were authored by CIPA students, 23% by Cornellians from other departments, and 17% were contributed by professors or other professionals.