Useful notes for and by admin staff

How do I export a contact group from my address book in Outlook to Excel?

  • Open the contact group
  • Choose File>Save As.
  • Choose the "Text Only (.txt)" file type.
  • Give it a name and click OK. This creates a Tab Separated Values file that Excel can read.
  • Start Excel, click FIle>Open.
  • Select the file type "Text Files (*.prn; *.txt; *.csv)", browse to and select the file you saved,
  • and click Open.
  • The "Text Import Wizard" will appear.
  • In the "Start import at" drop-down, change the value to "7" (or wherever the first row of
  • your names start), and click Finish.
  • Add field names
  • Save the file as a excel or CSV file