Transfer Credit and Policy 

Academic courses taken at other Regionally accredited institutions typically transfer easily. Graduation from the College of Human Ecology requires 120 credits. Transfer students can transfer a maximum of 60 credits towards the total. There is a 60 credit/4 semester residency requirement for transfers. Students are expected to graduate in a total of 8 full time semesters, including work done before transferring.

Credit evaluations

Accepted transfers will receive an online official credit evaluation 10-15 business days after their acceptance. The credit evaluation will provide information about credits awarded and courses needed for graduation. Credit evaluations are only completed for accepted transfer applicants. Prospective transfers should use course descriptions in the Cornell Courses of Study to help determine how parallel their current courses are to those offered at Cornell.

Major requirements

Curriculum sheets for each major detail the specific course requirements for the Human Ecology programs. It is important to note that prospective transfers should refer to the required preparatory coursework for transfers document when preparing to apply as a transfer.

Advanced Placement credits/other placement exams and Cornell/College of Human Ecology required coursework

Cornell University and the College of Human Ecology adhere to our own policies regarding placement out of requirements due to Advanced Placement or other related credits. Advanced standing at another institution does not guarantee that Cornell will accept that credit. The Advanced Placement Equivalencies information outlines how AP credit may be used. A maximum of 15 pre-college credits from APs or other sources may be applied.

No CLEP or life experience credit will transfer.

Transfer credit policy

Courses taken Pass/Fail, or Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory will not transfer (please note: exceptions will be made for Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 courses).

Fall 2020 update: English Composition courses can be taken online for Fall 2020 courses only. This policy will be reassessed for the Spring 2021 semester. 
Previous semesters: English Composition courses may not be taken on-line.

Transfer requirements are subject to change, in accordance with faculty review, course availability, and programmatic changes.    Please visit the College of Human Ecology Registrar's site for more information.

Quarter system credits

Human Ecology's semester system awards quarter system credits by calculating .67 credits per each credit of study at an institution on the quarter system. A 3-credit quarter system course therefore will be awarded 2 credits.

Transfer of grades

Your current college grades are not calculated into your Cornell GPA. Transfer credits will not appear on your official Cornell transcript, however your advisors will have access to your previous academic performance for advising purposes.

Articulation Agreements

Human Ecology has several course credit articulations with community colleges.