The main objective of the Iscol Family Program (administered by the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research) is to inspire and educate a new generation of community leaders to tackle the seemingly intractable problems that face our society, such as poverty, hunger, ignorance, homelessness and violence. There are success stories of communities being built or rebuilt, of individuals having profound effects upon areas of social concern, and of ideas that are leading to breakthroughs in "insurmountable" problems. The intention of the program is to bring individuals who have a commitment to social change and public service into contact with Cornell students. The aim is to stimulate our students to reflect on their talents, education, experience and personal resources and to help them make the leap in imagination necessary to understand that they can make a significant difference in society as professionals, volunteers, or philanthropists. This program seeks, as well, to stimulate new problem-centered approaches to educating students, to create a dialogue among faculty from within the university, and to strengthen university-community partnerships in tackling some of society's greatest challenges.

Summer Internship Program

The Practicing Medicine Program offers several summer scholarships. The Iscol Summer Internships in Public Service is a component of the overall Iscol Program. The goal is to support students who have an interest in gaining experience in public service settings or exploring public service as a career. It does so by working with existing organizations and programs on campus which sponsor summer internships in the public service sector in Ithaca, New York City, New York State, or elsewhere in the U.S. and abroad. Support from the Iscol Program allows more students to experience public service internships than would be possible otherwise. Wherever possible, the program will support students who wish to be placed in the home organizations of speakers brought to campus in the fall of each year. The Practicing Medicine Program will provide Iscol Family Program funds to the selected Iscol Scholars for the 3 academic course credits for which students register in the Summer Sessions office in Day Hall. Iscol Family Program funds will also provide some money for summer housing or transportation costs (if living at home).