The Human Ecology Computing Services Group (CSG) and Cornell IT (CIT) provide database hosting on the following database platforms. These services are available for faculty and staff and are intended for data that is used for websites, web applications and data analysis.

Microsoft SQL
Provides reliable, secure, and cost-effective database administration, including maintenance, monitoring, and backup. This service is available to faculty and staff in academic and administrative departments that require database administration for applications standalone databases.

Provides accounts and storage space to Human Ecology departments and official groups to develop and maintain MySQL databases. The MySQL service is a shared service and is intended for small and medium scale databases. It is not intended for large and heavily used databases, for which a system such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL server would be more appropriate. The MySQL service is not currently available for individual use.

Run stand alone departmental applications, third party applications or other combinations to meet business needs. For more details visit Oracle.

The Computer Services Group (CSG) now utilizes centrally hosted Linux & Windows systems either virtually or physically within CIT's central services.

Research Computing Hosting
Researchers who want to operate their own equipment in a secure, locally managed data center can contact Central IT's services in Rhodes Hall for hosting physical server's, NAS's and SANS. Please contact the IT Server Farm Facilities for pricing.

Shared Computing Environments
We can assist you to work with Cornell University's Center for Advanced Computing - CAC shared computing environment, provides Linux facilities for general and research computing to anyone either with a Cornell NetID or as a guest from another entity. There are several Red Hat environments available, each supporting specific types of shared computing, from general purpose computing tasks to long-running, computer-intensive jobs. Our team can also assist you with accessing and utilizing Cornell University's Institute for Social and Economic Research - CISER for high computing within a Windows environment and the Cornell Restricted Access Data Center secure servers for restricted use data for scientific research.

Virtual Servers
Virtual Servers are also available to CHE departments as an alternative to hosting and managing dedicated, physical server equipment. Virtualization technology allows multiple virtual servers (also known as virtual machines) to be hosted independently on a single physical server. This service is available for public, confidential, restricted and prohibited data. All VM's will be centrally hosted by Cornell's IT for a fee. For more information on Managed Servers, contact CIT.

Windows System Administration
We offer assistance on helping you to utilize the super computing environment in Cornell University's Institute for Social and Economic Research - CISER.

Linux System Administration
If you are in need of high performance multi-processing, we can assist you in utilizing the super computer environment in Cornell University's Center for Advanced Computing - CAC.

The Computing Services Group (CSG) provides support for the following web-based activities. These services are intended to help augment the quality of accessible web site development and ensure compliance with both ADA and University policies.

Application Development
Our development team designs and develops administrative web applications for the college.

Web Hosting
We can provide space on one of the web servers that we manage or assist you in finding the appropriate place to host your website. This includes setting up your space on the server, configuring security for access to your space and creating and registering a unique URL for your website.

Application Project Management
We can provide assistance to help you identify the type of hosting environment you require, assist you in managing your project, and advise you in finding the appropriate developer for the project.

We provide training to individuals regarding the use of Drupal to create pages and add content within the college's Drupal website. Questions regarding Drupal can be directed to Mark Vorreuter,

Website Consultation
We work with Cornell's IT group to provide the community a full range of website planning, design, development, and maintenance support at well below market rates. While assistance is available for web projects, the core services are designed to be most attractive to departments and groups that choose to benefit from the university's best design ideas and its most efficient, centrally-funded tools.

Web Virtual Host (Vanity URLs)
The Virtual Host service lets you replace a long, unwieldy URL with one that is shorter and/or more descriptive of your website content. These URLs, also called vanity URLs, help people remember how to get to your website and make it easier for them to type its URL into their browser.

There are two printing options available for College of Human Ecology members: laser printers and plotters. 

Printing, other than in the Dean’s Lounge, is restricted to grad students and undergrads enrolled in a class needing access to the CAD Labs. Laser printing is handled through Net-Print charged to the individual student’s account. 

Plotting is handled through CSG techs on an as-needed basis as directed by the instructor.

•    Color, or black and white laser printers
•    Enable printing for documents up to 11” x 17” on Net-Print
•    Located in 151 CAD lab, 218 CAD lab, 4221 CAD lab
•    Black and white printing only, in Lounge (159 MVR)

•    Enable printing for large scale printing projects of up to 36” wide
•    Color plotters: MVR 151 CAD lab and MVR 4221 CAD lab
•    Black and white plotter: Located in MVR 218 and MVR 151 CAD labs

The CSG development team designs and develops administrative web applications for the college.  If you need a new application or require changes to a previously developed application, please submit a helpdesk ticket.

If you have an application development need that is outside this scope, we can help connect you with a student or third-party developer and provide oversight on the project. To find out more, please visit Application Development Management.

To find applications written by CSG, go to the College of Human Ecology tab in uPortal.

If you have questions regarding a specific project, please contact David Hiner.

If you need to develop a website or web application, the CSG can provide assistance to help you identify the type of hosting environment you require, assist you in managing your project, and advise you in finding the appropriate developer for the project.

The CSG maintains a relationship with Computer Science students for low-cost student application development suitable for routine tasks.  For larger projects, we can assist you in finding a quality local contractor that has a relationship with the University.  In both instances, we will oversee and manage the project, but you are responsible for any costs incurred for the project.

If you have a need for a specialty application, we can help you find a commercial application that fill that need.  We will ensure it is compatible with your choice of hosting solution, University and college infrastructures.

If you have questions regarding a specific project, please contact David Hiner.