Central Services & Helpful Links
Below are helpful links that provide additional information to common technology inquiries within the college.

Academic Technologies Center (ATS)
Assistance with Blackboard, polling (iClicker), video, ePortfolio and more.

IT Service Desk
Central Information Technology Helpdesk at Cornell.

Office phone voice mail navigation and how to's.

Exchange Group Accounts (EGA), Calendar, and email Function
Shared email accounts, shared rooms and calendars.

Outlook Web Mail (OWA)
OWA Internet email information.

Phishing alerts and information.

Details about Net-Print and how to add money to your account.

Smart Phones
Setting up email and calendaring on your Smart Phone.

Campus WiFi
Connecting to wireless Internet as a guest, staff, faculty, or student.

VPN & Remote Desktop (Installation, Setup)
VPN software can be utilized for off campus access to Human Ecology shares and resources. Remote Desktop will allow you to remotely connect and logon to your campus computer. VPN can be used without remote desktop, however, a VPN connection is necessary prior to connecting via remote desktop.

Other Technical Services of Interest
There are other technology services used in the college that are supported by Cornell Information Technologies (CIT). Some of the more popular services are:

AUDIX Instructions
CIT Training Documentation
Blackboard or Canvas
Eduroam/Red Rover Wireless Networking
Campus Store Tech Connection
Faculty Support Services