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Internal Transfers

If you're coming from another Cornell college, you have probably pre-enrolled for courses. We'll see you at Orientation!

Through working with students transferring internally from other Cornell colleges, we have noted some points of confusion. Please understand that you will be expected to fulfill College of Human Ecology graduation requirements:

  1. The First-Year Writing requirement varies across colleges. Human Ecology requires 2 First-Year Writing Seminars. You must complete them during your first semesters of enrollment in the college if you have not done so before transfer.

  2. You may replace one First-Year Writing Seminar with a score of 5 on the AP English examination. If your old college accepted a score of 4, you must now take an additional FWS in order to complete the requirement.

  3. Each college at Cornell enforces academic policy according to its own structure and practices. You may find that procedures for schedule changes, requests for exceptions, and other aspects of the relationship between you and the College of Human Ecology vary from your previous experience. Please let us help; make an appointment to talk with a counselor in 172 MVR when you need a consultant. Stop by or call (607) 255-2532.

The Human Ecology Registrar maintains complete academic policy information.

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