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Welcome Class of 2021!

This is the place to begin your academic life at Cornell by starting with some basics. You will build your schedule according to the first semester expectations of your major. We’ll help by enrolling you in the Human Ecology courses required by your major; use the department links below to learn more about first-semester course options.

During orientation you will have opportunities to work with advisors to finalize your schedule. Many students make schedule changes as the semester begins. The decisions you make now can be refined as you continue to gain understanding of the options – and your own priorities. That’s what orientation is for, so come prepared to think with us about how you will begin this journey.

Please read the academic policy information included here to familiarize yourself with the work of your first semesters on campus.

Action Items

Class of 2021 New Student Information

Enroll in Fall 2017 classes from July 10-18.
We'll get you started by enrolling you in Human Ecology courses specifically required by your major. Consult these links to Human Ecology majors to determine which other courses to enroll in for your first semester.

After making your other course selections, you will ballot for a First-Year Writing Seminar from July 10-18. Your FWS course requests must be compatible with the meeting times of your other course work.

You may make course changes during the add/drop period beginning on August 21. By that date you will have met with advisors who will assist you in finalizing your decisions about fall courses.

All students are expected to complete a minimum of 12 academic credits each semester; PE is not included. Note that you must complete the First-Year Writing requirement by the end of your second semester. Additionally, you must complete at least 5 credits of Human Ecology coursework by the end of the first year of enrollment and 12 credits by the end of the second year.

We strongly encourage students to choose a major

If you are thinking of completing requirements for application to medical school, plan to attend our premed orientation on August 20. In the meantime, consult this advice for premed students.

Check out the Orientation Schedule.

Highlights of College Policies and Resources

The Human Ecology Registrar maintains complete academic policy information for students in the college.

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