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Advising and Counseling

The College of Human Ecology has a comprehensive network of counselors and advisors to help students plan a path that suits their academic and personal goals. The roles of advisors and counselors often overlap and students should use both resources to best serve their needs.

Faculty advisors associated with each major provide guidance for students who are looking to focus their intellectual interests, identify research opportunities, and network in their academic fields. Each major also has a Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) who directs the advising activities of the associated department.

College counselors help students from all majors to navigate curriculum requirements, address personal needs and goals, plan academic schedules, and pursue postgraduate opportunities, Incoming students are able to meet with college counselors and Directors of Undergraduate Study during orientation week, and with faculty advisors throughout the semester as needed.


Academic Advising

Directors of Undergraduate Study in each department are available to answer questions about the advising system and the undergraduate major...

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Personal Counseling

Counselors in the Office of Student and Career Development offer personal counseling, including exploration of problems or concerns of a personal nature...

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Financial Aid

Currently enrolled Human Ecology students who encounter financial difficulty or anticipate running short of funds may discuss their needs with a counselor in the Student and Career Development Office...

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