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Department Research

In our five departments and divisions and two centers, research focuses on the social, physical, and natural sciences; uses qualitative, quantitative, academic, and documentary evidence to support research questions; and engages undergraduate and graduate students as well as professorial and academic faculty in the pursuit of knowledge.

Design and Environmental Analysis - Improving the quality and performance of the built environment, including settings such as offices, hospitals, schools, housing, stores, and play environments.

Division of Nutritional Sciences - Enabling a healthier world by bridging knowledge gaps in human nutrition through its programs in molecular biology and genomics, human metabolism, and public health nutrition.

Human Development - Studying the human life course through a unique combination of developmental psychology, the neurosciences, and sociology.

Policy Analysis and Management  - Working to improve public policy through a multidisciplinary approach to formulating, implementing, managing, and evaluating public-sector programs.

Fiber Science & Apparel Design - Studying fibers, fabrics, apparel, and the apparel industry from a multidisciplinary approach building on materials science, design, engineering, biology, chemistry, and social sciences.