Sloan Program Sesquicentennial Scholarship Campaign

The SPSS Campaign


The Sloan Program Sesquicentennial Scholarship (SPSS) Campaign, part of the expanded Cornell Now – 2015 university campaign, aspires to raise $2 million in professional student scholarship support by December 31, 2015. 


The SPSS Campaign seeks to raise both current use and endowment scholarship dollars, to meet the Sloan Program's immediate needs while building endowment to secure its future success.


SPSS Campaign Goals:
Scholarship Endowment: $1,500,000
Student Aid:                     $500,000


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To make your gift today, please visit  To ensure your gift is designated appropriately, please follow these steps:

1. Enter "Gift amount".
2. Designation 1: The "College of Human Ecology" is pre-populated in the drop-down menu.  Leave it as such.
3. Designation 2: "Other" is pre-populated in the drop-down menu.  Leave it as such.

4. In the box for "Other designation or special instructions":  The "Sloan Program Student Aid Fund (0007981)" is pre-populated for you.  You may leave this as is or write in a different fund name, using the information below.


To make a gift to an additional fund, click on the "Add" button at the bottom of the page, and repeat the steps above.


Fund Designations:
Sloan Program Student Aid Fund (0007981)
Sloan Alumni Scholarship Fund (287811)

Sloan Program Annual Fund (789401)

Michael W. Azzara '71 Sloan Scholarship (0005834)
Roger Battistella Fellowship Fund (0003273)
Bernard and  Bonnie Kershner Sloan Graduate Award Fund (408412)
Sloan Program International Health Prize (787901)