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Program Resources

Sloan program resources provide many opportunities for practical training and distinguish the Sloan Program from its peers.

New in 2013-2014 are the student-conceptualized and driven Sloan Workshops where, twice a semester, leading experts are invited to campus to explore in a small group, workshop-style forum, a healthcare "hot topic" of interest to both students and faculty. Workshops have included: 

  • Medicare Innovations
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • ACOs

All students have a summer internship, complete a Capstone project in their second year of study, have the opportunity for mentorship from a Sloan graduate in the field, attend Sloan colloquia that bring leading health management practitioners to campus and take part in Sloan intersession programs in New York City and Washington, DC. In addition, Sloan students also have access to the program’s Doug Brown Executive in Residence.

In addition, through social and educational activities, the Sloan Student Association promotes interaction between Sloan students, the faculty and alumni and other professional schools located on the Cornell campus.