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Five-Year Accelerated BS/MHA

Structure of the Five-Year Accelerated BS/MHA Degree:

Only students in the College of Human Ecology (CHE) majoring in Human Biology, Health and Society (HBHS); Biology and Society (BSOC); Human Development (HD); or Policy Analysis and Management (PAM); as well as CALS students majoring in Biology and Society (BSOC), are eligible to apply. Students apply to the accelerated program during their junior year. To be eligible, students must complete all required courses for both their major and their College by the end of their junior year. The only credits remaining to graduate should be elective credits. Then, during the senior year, accelerated students attend Sloan orientation and complete first-year Sloan courses, which will be double counted, to satisfy both undergraduate elective requirements as well as MHA graduate requirements. Total enrollment in the Accelerated Bachelors/MHA program is limited to a maximum of 5 students per year.

At the end of the senior year, accelerated students will graduate with their bachelor's degree in their undergraduate major (HBHS, HD, BSOC, or PAM). During the spring of his or her senior year, the accelerated student is required to file a formal online graduate school application (and pay the Graduate School application fee). If the student's performance satisfies criteria for satisfactory academic progress in the Sloan Program, the student will be automatically notified during the spring semester of the senior year that he or she has been formally accepted into the Graduate School for the MHA.

Students are required to participate in a graduate-level health administration internship during the summer after graduation with their bachelor's degree. The following year, as graduate students, they will complete the second year of required Sloan courses and earn a Master of Health Administration degree.

The MHA portion of the BS/MHA program is accredited by the Committee on Accreditation for Health Management Education (CAHME). The Bachelor portion of the BS/MHA program is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.


To be eligible for the Cornell Five-Year Accelerated BS/MHA Program, you must meet the following criteria.  All students should confirm eligibility with Associate Director Julie Carmalt (by appointment only) by emailing  

Be a Cornell undergraduate enrolled in one of the following majors in the College of Human Ecology:

  • Human Biology Health and Society (HBHS)
  • Human Development (HD)
  • Policy Analysis and Management (PAM)
  • Biology and Society (BSOC)

Or be a Cornell undergraduate enrolled in the BSOC major in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS). 
Undergraduates in other majors are not eligible.  

Have junior standing and a GPA of 3.00 or above.  

Plan, by the end of your junior year, to have completed all required coursework for your undergraduate major and your college, and only have general electives left to take in your senior year (your Sloan MHA core courses taken during your senior year will satisfy your remaining undergraduate general elective requirements).

Who Should Apply?

The Accelerated BS/MHA Program is highly competitive as no more than 5 students may be admitted each year. Students with demonstrated leadership (on-campus or off; does not have to be healthcare related), healthcare experience (paid or volunteer), and a diverse or unique background are especially encouraged to apply. Maturity and academic excellence are a must! Typically, students selected into the Accelerated Program have cumulative GPA scores above 3.50 and GRE or GMAT scores in the 80th percentile. Most have spent their undergraduate summers building their resumes.  

Sloan Graduate Opportunities:
Graduates of the Accelerated BS/MHA Program experience outstanding employment and fellowship opportunities. In recent years, 100 percent are placed within three months of graduation. Graduates work in hospitals and health systems, management consulting firms and a range of other health related organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions


Application Process

Application to the Five-Year Accelerated BS/MHA Program is a two part process.  Eligible students apply to Sloan during the spring semester of their junior year and then officially apply to the Cornell Graduate School by April 15 of their senior year.  Only Cornell University College of Human Ecology students who are HD, PAM, HBHS, or BSOC majors or Charles H. Dyson BSOC majors may apply.  

Application and Deadlines During Your Junior Year:  To apply for the Five-Year BS/MHA, you must follow the 3 steps outlined below:  

Step 1.  Verify your eligibility for the program with Sloan Associate Director Julie Carmalt by emailing, by appointment only. 

Step 2.  Apply to the Sloan Program by emailing the following documents as attachments in a single email to the Graduate Field Assistant, at

  • Completed application [word] [pdf]
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Resume
  • Cornell transcript (an official transcript will be required if admitted)
  • Copy of your Graduation Summary and a list of any courses that you still need to take in order to fulfill your graduation requirements for your bachelor's degree
  • Test scores for either: the GRE General Test, institution code 2098 ( copy of the Educational Testing Service (ETS) Official Student Copy of test results required); or the GMAT, institution code 2104

Step 3.  Request to have emailed to the Graduate Field Assistant at the following:

  • Two letters of recommendation (at least one should be academic
  • Undergraduate Advisor Recommendation Form [word] [pdf] (Note: Your undergraduate advisor may also be one of your recommendation letter writers)

For full consideration, the deadline for your initial application to the Sloan Accelerated BS/MHA Program is March 15th.

  • Applications for the accelerated program received prior to March 15th will be held and reviewed at one time and applicants will be notified of the results of admission decision within two weeks
  • Applications received after March 15th but before April 15th will be reviewed on a rolling basis subject to space availability (Note that total enrollment in the accelerated program is limited to a maximum of 5 students)

Formal Application to the Graduate School by April 15 During Your Senior Year:  At the end of your first year in Sloan, to continue in the accelerated program, you must complete the online Cornell Graduate School application and pay the Graduate School application fee by April 15. You do not need to resubmit your application documents such as letters of recommendations and test scores.  Sloan will send these to the Graduate School on your behalf.  Accelerated students in good academic standing will automatically be admitted to the Graduate School to complete the final year of study. 

Correspondence and Information:  Graduate Field Assistant
Department of PAM | 2250A MVR Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, New York 14853-4401
Telephone: 607-255-7772
FAX: 607-255-4071