Jumpling Sloanies

Current Sloan Students

Sloan students are a select and diverse group that come from the United States and abroad. Each year, the program admits approximately 35 incoming students. Many begin the program with professional experience in business or in health care. About 20% of our students hold undergraduate degrees in business or healthcare management, nearly 30 % have degrees in the sciences, another 45% hold undergraduate degrees in the social sciences and 5% have other degrees (eg. biotechnology and international studies). Some students enter the program with masters degrees. 63% of Sloan students are women. 20% are self-report non-white race/ethnicity. 17% are international. We value our students' rich and diverse academic and experiential backgrounds and their ability to come together to forge a strong sense of community - our "Sloan Family."

This page is for their practical use.

Student Resources

Graduate Student Support
There are numerous resources on campus designed to support graduate and professional students.  This page provides list  and links to common University offices that many of our students work with at some point during their graduate career. 

Graduate Community

Establishing connections requires that you take a chance to become involved and get social both on and off campus. This page provides a list of communities that our graduate students typically join in order to encourage your active participation in the broader University community. 

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