Parenting Programs

Are you interested in taking a parenting education program? There are many different types of parenting programs available so it is important to fit a program that will best fit your needs.

Things to consider when choosing a parenting program:

  1. Be sure to ask what the goal of the class is. Some classes are designed for specific groups or goal outcomes (such as parenting teens or divorced parents) while other programs cover general parenting topics useful for any type of parent.
  2. Be sure the class is available in your area. At Parenting In Context, we support parenting programs run through Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) associations, which are evidence-based or research-based programs. However, not all county CCE associations offer parenting programs in their area. We recommend contacting your county's CCE office (or a nearby CCE office) to ask if they offer parenting programs in your area, here is a full list of CCE associations across New York State.
  3. Try to choose a class you can attend the full program. Once you have a parenting course that fits your needs be sure to check the date and times of the classes. Some courses will be just one day while others may span over many weeks.