Faculty: Class Projects

1-with studentsbThe mission of Parenting In Context is to integrate extension and research activities in the area of parenting education across New York State. As such, the project has established a network of Extension professionals involved in parenting work across Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) associations in New York State. Many of these CCE associations are involved with a number of parenting programs or projects in need of evaluation work, but Extension professionals may not have the time or resources to do the work themselves. 

To address this need, Parenting In Context has developed an online system for Extension professionals to submit an application if they are interested in partnering with a faculty member to develop a service-learning opportunity for students. Staff members at Parenting In Context then use the application process to screen potential projects and match projects with interested faculty members, working to ensure a good fit in terms of content, scope, and complexity. To read about an example of this collaboration, click here.

If you are a faculty member at Cornell University interested in learning more about incorporating parenting-related materials into an upcoming course, please contact Eliza Cook at elc96@cornell.edu