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Postal expert - 4/14
Int postal policy analyst - 4/14

Analyst - 10/13

Interns - 11/13

SPO - 1/12



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Summer 2014
Summer 2014
Summer 2014



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CV - Chen - 1/14


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Volpe -  3/14


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Airport Cooperative Research Program - 5/14

Cornell Faculty Affiliates

Antonio Bento
Antonio Bento | Associate Professor | Applied Economics and Management
web page | email
environmental and energy policy, transportation

Richard Coyle | Executive Director | Emerging Markets Institute, Johnson
web page | email
foreign government relations, new market entry, corruption, international risk management, supply chain management, public private partnerships

susan christopherson
Susan Christopherson | Professor | Architecture, Art, and Planning
web page | email
industry location, freight transportation and energy

mark deangeles
Mark DeAngelis | Visiting Lecturer, Cornell Institute for Public Affairs | CEO, Macro Climate Solutions, LCC
web page | web page | email
global environment, energy, sustainability and climate change

Kieran Donaghy | Professor & Chair | City & Regional Planning
web page | email
transportation, land use, public finance, migration, neighborhood ecology

David Filiberto

David Filiberto | Sustainability and Disability Research Specialist | Employment and Disability Institute

web page | email
sustainability, climate change, disability, Vulnerable populations, disaster risk reduction
John Foote
John Foote | Executive Director, CPIP | Visiting Lecturer, City and Regional Planning | Senior Fellow, Harvard's Kennedy School of Government
web page | email
transportation funding, intelligent transportation systems and services
Oliver Gao
Oliver Gao | Associate Professor | School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
web p ag e | email
transportation and environment/energy systems; mobile emissions inventory and air quality modeling; environment and energy impacts of alternative infrastructure systems; and green supply chains
Rick Geddes
Rick Geddes | Associate Professor | Policy Analysis and Management
web page | email
new types of public-private partnerships, transportation infrastructure, PPP enabling laws, public acceptance of tolling, postal and delivery economics, PPPs and network effects
Emmanuel Gianneli
Emmanuel Giannelis | Professor and Director, Giannellis Research Group | Materials Science & Engineering
web page | email
nano materials for energy, biomedical, transportation, infrastructure, and environmental applications
steven greenberg
Steven Greenberg | Visiting Senior Lecture of Management, Johnson School | Founder and Managing General Partner of Fox Meadow Capital Partners
web page | email  & web page | email
private infrastructure funds, investments and acquisitions in energy, transportation, utilities, water, ports, and communications
Rod Howe
Rod Howe | Assistant Director for Community and Economic Vitality and Executive Director of the Community and Regional Development Institute
web page | email
integrating research and extension for the benefit of NYS communities; articulating the research base for community and economic vitality programming; coordinating training and policy initiatives; supporting informed decision making
Ying Hua
Ying Hua | Assistant Professor | Design and Environmental Analysis
web page | email
sustainability, climate change, building sector policy, stakeholders, user behavior, building performance, architecture, green building, low-carbon city
David Kay
David Kay | Sr. Extension Associate | Development Sociology
web page | email
community decision making, constructive conflict engagement, community/economic development, economic impact analysis, land use planning, local government, regionalism, energy transitions
Shanjun Li
Shanjun Li | Assistant Professor | Applied Economics and Management
web page | email
environment, energy, transportation, policy evaluation
Peter Loucks
Daniel Peter Loucks | Professor Emeritus | Civil and Environmental Engineering
web page | email
development and application of environmental engineering, economics, ecology, and systems analysis methods for addressing regional environmental and water resources issues
Michael Manville
Michael Manville | Assistant Professor | City & Regional Planning
web page | email

relationship between transportation and land use, local public finance

Arnim Meyburg
Arnim Meyburg | Professor Emeritus | Civil and Environmental Engineering
web page | email
travel demand modeling, transportation survey methodologies, freight, transportation, urban and regional transportation planning, transportation-communications trade-offs, transportation and the environment
Mark Milstein
Mark Milstein | Clinical Professor | Johnson Graduate School of Management
web page | email

sustainable global enterprise, strategy, decision making, technology commercialization, and innovation

Anil Netravali
Anil Netravali | Professor | Fiber Science & Apparel Design
web page | email

composites, green materials, gas pipe infrastructure, composite pipe linings

David Orr
David Orr | Senior Engineer | Cornell Local Roads Program
web page | email

low volume roads, seasonal variations in pavements, technical assistance, local government

Gregory Poe
Gregory Poe | Professor | Applied Economics and Management
web page | email
environmental economics, water policy
Susan Riha
Susan Riha | Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences | Director, New York State Water Resources Institute |
web page | email
regional assessment of water infrastructure, decentralized water management, impacts of climate variability and change on water management
Omid Rouhani
Omid Rouhani | Post-doctoral Associate, Civil & Environmental Engineering | Cornell University
web page | email
transportation economics, public private partnership projects in transportation, transportation network analysis, transportation policy, pricing in transportation, GHG emissions-related policies, infrastructure economics.
Jefferson Tester
Jefferson Tester | Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Director, Cornell Energy Institute
web web| email
sustainable energy systems, renewable and conventional energy extraction, conversion and environmental control technologies

External Faculty Affiliates

Balu Balasubramaniam
Ramaswami Balasubramaniam (Balu) | Frank H T Rhodes Professor, Cornell | Adjunct Professor, University of Iowa |  Mason Fellow, Harvard University | Founder Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement
web page | email
sustainable infrastructure, infrastructure policy, poverty and development, globalization

germa bel
Germà Bel | Professor | Economic Policy | Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
web page | email
public sector reform, privatization & regulation, infrastructure and transportation, policy evaluation
Carsten Greve | Professor, Business and Politics and Director, Public-Private Platform | Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
web page | email
public-private partnerships, sustainable transport planning, infrastructure and transportation, privatization, contracting out, public management reform and market-based governance
Mark Hellowell | Lecturer | Social and Political Science | University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
web page | email
competition and private financing in health care systems, PPPs and healthcare reform
Graeme Hodge
Graeme Hodge | Professor and Director, Monash Centre for Regulatory Studies | Law, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
web page | email
privatisation of public sector enterprise, outsourcing/contracting-out government services, public-private partnerships and performance measurement and strategy in the public sector
michael likosky
Michael Likosky | Senior Fellow, The Century Foundation | Expert to Clinton Global Initiative, OECD, and UNCTAD
web page | email
infrastructure financing and policy, public-private-partnership, economic growth, financial crisis, high tech growth strategies
Richard Little
Richard G. Little | Senior Fellow | formerly Director, Keston Institute for Public Finance and Infrastructure Policy, University of Southern California
web page | email
infrastructure, infrastructure management and financing, risk management, hazard preparedness and mitigation
kaveh madani 

Kaveh Madani | Lecturer in Environmental Management | Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College, London, UK
web page | email
water resources management, energy planning, environmental economics and policy, climate change adaptation, conflict resolution, systems analysis, group and multi-criteria decision making

Ashwin Mahalingam

Ashwin Mahalingam | Assistant Professor | Dept of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India
web page | email
public private partnerships (PPP), visualization and simulation of planning processes, and sustainable development

Eoin Reeves
Eoin Reeves | Senior Lecturer, Director of Privatisation & Public Private Partnerships Research | University of Limerick, Ireland
web page | email
PPPs, market-based public sector reforms, Infrastructure regulation, privatisation, liberalisation, employee share ownership
veronica vecchi
Veronica Vecchi | Professor | SDA Bocconi school of Management | Milan, Italy
web page | email
public private partnership contracts; project finance; risk and return in PPP; value for money and affordability

Industry Affiliates

geoff haley
Geoff Haley | Chairman, International Project Finance Association (IPFA) | London, UK and global offices
web page | email
public private partnerships, introduction and implementation of PPPs, global, municipalities and private sector implementation of PPPs
Pike Oliver
Pike Oliver | Urbanexus | Director and Treasurer, Center for Natural Lands Management
web page | email
planning and development–economics, environment, demographics, design, finance and real estate
Joah Sapphire
Joah Sapphire | President, Global Dynamic Group, LLC
web page | email
Infrastructure as an alternative investment asset class, listed infrastructure vehicles, unlisted infrastructure funds and public private partnerships
Gligor Tashkovich | Minister for Foreign Investment, Republic of Macedonia
web page | email
government policy, international finance, diplomatic relations, data communications, telecommunications, energy infrastructure, entrepreneurship, economic development

Alumni Affiliates

gregory jetter
Gregory Jette, MPA '13 | Analyst,  Office of Management and Budget NYC, Justice Taskforce
web page | email
emergency preparedness, physical, electronic and communication infrastructure, legislative policy for ppps

Kelsey Lynch
Kelsey Lynch '14
public and private partnerships, economic policy and revenue maximization of resources
Peter Moore
Peter Moore '13 | Senior Coordinator | CVS Caremark
public-private partnerships in infrastructure, public policy, public finance, sustainability, transportation policy
kevin roth
Kevin Roth | Ph.D. Cornell, '14, Economics | Assistant Professor | University of California, Irvine
web | email
environment, transportation, policy evaluation