Cornell Faculty Affiliates

Lourdes Casanova
Lourdes Casanova | Academic Director | Emerging Markets Institute, Johnson
web page | email
foreign government relations, new market entry, international risk management, PPP, international business, emerging market multinationals

Ricardo Daziano
Ricardo Daziano | Associate Professor | Civil and Environmental Engineering
web page | email
travel demand; consumer response to energy efficiency; willingness to pay estimation; congestion pricing; adoption of autonomous vehicles; mobility on-demand
mark deangeles
Mark DeAngelis | Visiting Lecturer, Cornell Institute for Public Affairs | CEO, Macro Climate Solutions, LCC
web page | email
global environment, energy, sustainability and climate change

kieran donaghy
Kieran Donaghy | Professor & Chair | City & Regional Planning
web page | email
transportation, land use, public finance, migration, neighborhood ecology

David Filiberto

David Filiberto | Sustainability and Disability Research Specialist | Employment and Disability Institute

web page | email
sustainability, climate change, disability, Vulnerable populations, disaster risk reduction
John Foote
John Foote | CPIP Board member | Visiting Lecturer, City and Regional Planning | Senior Fellow, Harvard's Kennedy School of Government
web page | email
transportation funding, intelligent transportation systems and services
Oliver Gao
Oliver Gao | Associate Professor | CPIP Board member | School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
web p ag e | email
transportation and environment/energy systems; mobile emissions inventory and air quality modeling; environment and energy impacts of alternative infrastructure systems; and green supply chains
Rick Geddes
Rick Geddes | Associate Professor | Director, CPIP | Policy Analysis and Management
web page | email
new types of PPPs, transportation infrastructure, PPP enabling laws, public acceptance of tolling, postal and delivery economics, PPPs and network effects
Emmanuel Gianneli
Emmanuel Giannelis | Professor and Director, Giannellis Research Group | Materials Science & Engineering
web page | email
nano materials for energy, biomedical, transportation, infrastructure, and environmental applications
steven greenberg
Steven Greenberg | Visiting Senior Lecture of Management, Johnson School | Founder and Managing General Partner of Fox Meadow Capital Partners
web page | email & web page | email
private infrastructure funds, investments and acquisitions in energy, transportation, utilities, water, ports, and communications
Rod Howe
Rod Howe | Assistant Director for Community and Economic Vitality and Executive Director of the Community and Regional Development Institute
web page | email
integrating research and extension for the benefit of NYS communities; articulating the research base for community and economic vitality programming; coordinating training and policy initiatives; supporting informed decision making
Ying Hua
Ying Hua | Assistant Professor | Design and Environmental Analysis
web page | email
sustainability, climate change, building sector policy, stakeholders, user behavior, building performance, architecture, green building, low-carbon city
David Kay
David Kay | Sr. Extension Associate | Development Sociology
web page | email
community decision making, constructive conflict engagement, community/economic development, economic impact analysis, land use planning, local government, regionalism, energy transitions
Shanjun Li
Shanjun Li | Assistant Professor | Applied Economics and Management
web page | email
environment, energy, transportation, policy evaluation
Peter Loucks
Daniel Peter Loucks | Professor Emeritus | Civil and Environmental Engineering
web page | email
development and application of environmental engineering, economics, ecology, and systems analysis methods for addressing regional environmental and water resources issues
Michael Manville
Michael Manville | Assistant Professor | City & Regional Planning
web page | email

relationship between transportation and land use, local public finance

Arnim Meyburg
Arnim Meyburg | Professor Emeritus | Civil and Environmental Engineering
web page | email
travel demand modeling, transportation survey methodologies, freight, transportation, urban and regional transportation planning, transportation-communications trade-offs, transportation and the environment
Mark Milstein
Mark Milstein | Clinical Professor | Johnson Graduate School of Management
web page | email

sustainable global enterprise, strategy, decision making, technology commercialization, and innovation

Anil Netravali
Anil Netravali | Professor | Fiber Science & Apparel Design
web page | email

composites, green materials, gas pipe infrastructure, composite pipe linings

David Orr
David Orr | Senior Engineer | Cornell Local Roads Program
web page | email

low volume roads, seasonal variations in pavements, technical assistance, local government

Susan Riha
Susan Riha | Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences | Director, New York State Water Resources Institute |
web page | email
regional assessment of water infrastructure, decentralized water management, impacts of climate variability and change on water management
Omid Rouhani
Omid Rouhani | Post-doctoral Associate, Civil & Environmental Engineering | Cornell University
web page | email
transportation economics, PPP projects in transportation, transportation network analysis, transportation policy, pricing in transportation, GHG emissions-related policies, infrastructure economics.
Rebecca Slayton
Rebecca Slayton | Assistant Professor, Science & Technology Studies | Cornell University
web page | email
cyber-infrastructure, vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure.
Jefferson Tester
Jefferson Tester | Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Director, Cornell Energy Institute
webpage | email
sustainable energy systems, renewable and conventional energy extraction, conversion and environmental control technologies
Francis Vanek
Francis Vanek | Senior Lecturer, Civil and Environmental Engineering | Cornell University
webpage | email
transportation energy, multimodal transportation, freight transportation, electrification, climate protection, energy infrastructure

External Faculty Affiliates

Balu Balasubramaniam
Ramaswami Balasubramaniam (Balu) | Frank H T Rhodes Professor, Cornell | Adjunct Professor, University of Iowa | Mason Fellow, Harvard University | Founder Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement
web page | email
sustainable infrastructure, infrastructure policy, poverty and development, globalization

germa bel
Germà Bel | Professor | Economic Policy | Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
web page | email
public sector reform, privatization & regulation, infrastructure and transportation, policy evaluation
Zachary Caceres
Zachary Caseres | Executive Director, Startup Cities Institute | Universidad Francisco Marroquín, Guatemala
web page | email

PPPs, urban design, special economic zones, enterprise zones, startup cities, local government, neighborhood revitalization

Carsten Greve
Carsten Greve | Professor, Business and Politics and Director, Public-Private Platform | Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
web page | email
PPPs, sustainable transport planning, infrastructure and transportation, privatization, contracting out, public management reform and market-based governance
mark hellowell
Mark Hellowell | Lecturer | Social and Political Science | University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
web page | email
competition and private financing in health care systems, PPPs and healthcare reform
Graeme Hodge
Graeme Hodge | Professor and Director, Monash Centre for Regulatory Studies | Law, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
web page | email
privatisation of public sector enterprise, outsourcing/contracting-out government services, PPPs and performance measurement and strategy in the public sector
Richard Little
Richard G. Little | Senior Fellow | formerly Director, Keston Institute for Public Finance and Infrastructure Policy, University of Southern California
web page | email
infrastructure, infrastructure management and financing, risk management, hazard preparedness and mitigation
kaveh madani

Kaveh Madani | Lecturer in Environmental Management | Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College, London, UK
web page | email
water resources management, energy planning, environmental economics and policy, climate change adaptation, conflict resolution, systems analysis, group and multi-criteria decision making

Ashwin Mahalingam

Ashwin Mahalingam | Assistant Professor | Dept of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India
web page | email
PPP, visualization and simulation of planning processes, and sustainable development

Marian Moszoro
Marian Moszoro | Visiting Scholar, Haas School of Business, UCal, Berkeley | Kozminski University | former Undersecretary of Finance, Poland
web page | email
political contestability, contracting, PPPs, corporate & project finance
Donal Palcic
Dónal Palcic | Lecturer, Department of Economics | University of Limerick, Ireland
web page | email
public sector reform, privatization, PPPs, infrastructure policy, liberalization and regulation
John Preston
John Preston | Professor of Rail Transport | University of Southampton, UK
web page | Sustainable Infrastructure Systems | email
demand and cost forecasting; appraisal and evaluation; transport and land-use interactions; environmental impacts; regulatory studies
Eoin Reeves
Eoin Reeves | Senior Lecturer, Director of Privatisation & Public Private Partnerships Research | University of Limerick, Ireland
web page | email
PPPs, market-based public sector reforms, Infrastructure regulation, privatisation, liberalisation, employee share ownership
veronica vecchi
Veronica Vecchi | Professor | SDA Bocconi school of Management | Milan, Italy
web page | email
PPP contracts; project finance; risk and return in PPP; value for money and affordability

Industry Affiliates

geoff haley
Geoff Haley | Chairman, International Project Finance Association (IPFA) | London, UK and global offices
web page | email
PPPs, introduction and implementation of PPPs, global, municipalities and private sector implementation of PPPs
Pike Oliver
Pike Oliver | Urbanexus | Director and Treasurer, Center for Natural Lands Management
web page | email
planning and development-economics, environment, demographics, design, finance and real estate
Joah Sapphire
Joah Sapphire | President, Global Dynamic Group, LLC
web page | email
Infrastructure as an alternative investment asset class, listed infrastructure vehicles, unlisted infrastructure funds and PPPs
Gligor Tashkovich | Minister for Foreign Investment, Republic of Macedonia
web page | email
government policy, international finance, diplomatic relations, data communications, telecommunications, energy infrastructure, entrepreneurship, economic development
Paula Tkac
Paula Tkac | Vice President and Senior Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
web page | email

Alumni Affiliates

gregory jetter
Gregory Jette, MPA '13 | Analyst,  Office of Management and Budget NYC, Justice Taskforce
web page | email
emergency preparedness, physical, electronic and communication infrastructure, legislative policy for ppps

Kelsey Lynch
Kelsey Lynch '14
PPPs, economic policy and revenue maximization of resources
Peter Moore
Peter Moore '13 | Senior Coordinator | CVS Caremark
PPPs in infrastructure, public policy, public finance, sustainability, transportation policy
kevin roth
Kevin Roth | Ph.D. Cornell, '14, Economics | Assistant Professor | University of California, Irvine
web | email
environment, transportation, policy evaluation