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Meeting in Washington, DC to discuss how private investment can help overcome political resistance to road pricing


Transportation meeting 1

Transportation meeting 2

Transportation meeting 3


Rick Geddes on FoxBusiness

Rick Geddes video clip

Melissa Francis interviews Rick Geddes on Fox Business Money on how to save the Post Office. Sept 14, 2012


Tom Madison interview
Last fall, the Cornell Policy Review interviewed Tom Madison, then Executive Director of Thruway Authority, about the implications of the Tappan Zee bridge.

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Second Hyperloop Advanced Research Partnership (HARP) Symposium

June 14, 2017 | University of Houston, Texas

The Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy (CPIP) is participating in an important non-profit effort focused on the emerging transportation technology called the Hyperloop. That non-profit effort is called the Hyperloop Advanced Research Partnership, or HARP. Rick Geddes is a co-founder of HARP. The mission of HARP is "to enable and promote the collaboration, research, funding, communication, and knowledge sharing that is essential for development of Hyperloop networks around the world."

The purpose of this meeting, focusing on Networking, Organization, and Active Council Work, is to bring together all stakeholders in the creation of the Hyperloop transportation system - industry leaders, policy makers, primary users, educators, researchers, students, and strategists - and to expand and organize our activities. The academic setting at the University of Houston will be ideal for discussion and learning.

The program will consist of a review of Hyperloop community activities and their status, a discussion of HARP goals and activities, continuation of the work of existing HARP Councils, as well as initiating new Councils, and a chance for Networking. We also plan a Keynote lecture by a prominent Transportation Policy expert, and an evening social activity. If there is sufficient interest, we will also organize a Poster Session especially for the Pod Teams and Global Challenge Teams to present their progress and successes.

Reasons to Participate
• Learn about Hyperloop activities around the region and world.
• Meet the diverse people and organizations striving to invent Hyperloop technology and make the next Transportation Network a reality.
• Join a HARP Council and work with peers to solve common problems and advance Hyperloop
• Gain visibility for your organization
• Network with colleagues in the field 

We look forwarding to seeing you in Houston! I hope you can join us!


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Cornell-IP3 Public-Private Partnership Executive Program

I am writing to invite you to attend our first Cornell-IP3 Public-Private Partnership Executive Program. This Program was developed by CPIP in conjunction with the Institute for Public-Private Partnerships (IP3), A Tetra Tech Company. The Program will take place from the late afternoon of Wednesday, April 26th to the end of Friday, April 28th in New York City.  

It will include the following learning objectives:  

  • Analyzing international best practices of successful public-private partnership (PPP) programs and projects
  • Properly structuring a PPP to generate the greatest social benefit
  • Understanding how public sector project sponsors can avoid possible pitfalls associated with the PPP approach 
  • Analyzing the demands made on the public sector to pursue effective PPPs 
  • Understanding the polices that the public-sector can pursue to promote private investment in infrastructure 
  • Understanding the key elements to PPP contract monitoring and management  

Confirmed speakers include:  

David Van Slyke, PhD, Dean, Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs Professor, Public Administration & International Affairs, and Louis A. Bantle Chair in Business & Government Policy 

Tom Madison, Principal, TJM Advisors Former Executive Director, New York State Thruway Authority  

Marian Moszoro, PhD, George Mason University, Economics Department & Cornell University, CPIP Former Undersecretary of Finance of Poland  

Rick Geddes, PhD, Professor, Department of Policy Analysis & Management (PAM), Cornell University Director, Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy  

Additionally, this course offers an opportunity to network and interact with peers from similar public-sector units as well as potential private-sector partners. For more information, please see the event website and contact the IP3 team at training@ip3.org if you have any questions.

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Restoring American infrastructure by sticking to some overriding principles

Listen to a Podcast with Rick Geddes for McGraw Hill Financial.

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Talking about transparency

an Interview with Rick Geddes in Handshake Journal, by Alison Buckholz, World Bank Group.


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CPIP's First Advisory Council Meeting

took place June 3rd, 2014 in New York City. More...


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CPIP student affiliate meets with Costa Rican President

Alvaro Salas, a CPIP affiliate, and Graduate Fellow in the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs, met with the President of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla, as well as the Minister of Planning and Economic Policy, Roberto Gallardo. They talked about CPIP and explored partnerships. 

Costa Rica President Laura Chincilla, Robert Gallardo and Alvaro Salas

Alvaro Salas, President Chinchilla, Minister Roberto Gallardo

Past Event
Inaugural Meeting of the Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy

Wednesday, September 19, 2012 - 6-8pm, Cornell Club, New York City.

Moderator & Host: Rick Geddes, Associate Professor, Cornell University and Director Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy, author of The Road to Renewal: Private Investment in US Transportation Infrastructure


John Foote, Visiting Lecturer in the Department of City and Regional Planning at Cornell and co-founder of Transcore speaking on "Improving US Transportation Policy"

Germà Bel, Professor at University of Barcelona and author of The Economics and Politics of High-Speed Rail: Lessons from Experiences Abroad speaking on "Lessons from Europe for US High Speed Rail Policy"

Mark Joseph, Chief Executive Officer of Veolia Transportation, Inc. speaking on "New Models in Public Transportation"

Full Bios

The Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy (CPIP) will develop public policies to improve the delivery, maintenance and operation of infrastructure in the United States through teaching, research, and outreach. CPIP will coordinate scholars across multiple disciplines who share an interest in public policies related to infrastructure, and will develop and disseminate research relevant to those policies. CPIP will collaborate with partners in both the profit and non-profit sectors to assist in achieving those goals.

Program details: 

When: Wednesday, September 19th 2012, 6PM to 8PM
Where: The Cornell Club - New York, 6 East 44th Street, New York, NY 10017
6PM: Doors open, Reception begins
6:30: Introductory Remarks
6:40: Description of Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy
7:00: Remarks by Panelists
7:45: Q&A with Audience
8:00: Panel Conversation Ends
8:30: Optional Networking Continues
9:00: Event concludes

Cost $25 per person*
*This event is generously being subsidized by the Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy, the College of Human Ecology and Cornell Wall Street.

Suggested Audience:
This event includes a broad-ranging panel discussion on a very relevant and timely conversation that will appeal to all Cornellians interested in this topic. Of course, all are welcome to attend. The panelists represent an array of experience and backgrounds and it is sure to be a thought-provoking presentation. 

However, if you were wondering more specifically about the potential audience - those who are in both the public and private sectors and share an interest in infrastructure funding, financing, and policy will probably benefit the most. It will also be of value to those on both the buy and the sell sides of infrastructure finance, including those interested in public-private partnerships, municipal bond financing, and innovative management contracts. Finally, it will also be of interest to those in the public sector who would like to learn more about current policy issues affecting infrastructure.