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Requirements for the Minor in Law & Regulation

Designed for students wishing to pursue a legal, business, or public sector career that features substantial interface between government and the marketplace.

The minor includes courses carefully selected to provide Cornell students with a broad understanding of the key policy issues that arise when government intervenes in the marketplace. The causes and consequences of such policies are examined in a set of multidisciplinary topics drawn from PAM, Law, Communications, and Economics. Students completing the minor will be better prepared for positions in management consulting, economic consulting, financial services, law, and a variety of governmental employment opportunities.

In order to earn a minor in Law & Regulation a student must complete each of the following three requirements: 

  1. Complete a minimum of 15 credits of coursework.  
  2. Complete PAM 2470 – Government and the Marketplace [PAM 2470 will not be offered in 2014-2015. PAM 5170 can be used in its place].
  3. Complete at least three courses from the following list: 
  • PAM 3340 Corporations, Shareholders and Policy 
  • PAM 3400 Economics of Consumer Policy 
  • PAM 3410 Economics of Consumer Law and Protection 
  • PAM 3440 Regulating Financial Institutions 
  • PAM 4330 Topics in Corporations and Policies
  • PAM 5340 Regulation and Infrastructure Policy
  • PAM 5540 Legal Aspects of Health Care 
  • LAW 4021 Competition Law and Policy 
  • COMM 4280 Communication Law 
  • ECON 4040 Economics and the Law 
  • ECON 4450 Industrial Policy  


  • Completing requirements 2 and 3 above will not result in 15 credits, so students must select one additional course. The additional course can be one of the courses listed above, or it can be any PAM course at the 2000, 3000, or 4000 level. The 3000 and 4000 level PAM courses listed above have prerequisites, so this additional course can be used to fulfill the prerequisite if desired. 
  • There can be no substitution for any of the required courses. 
  • Students must earn a grade of B- or better in every course. S/U will not be accepted unless it is the only grade option available. 
  • PAM Special Studies classes do not count towards a PAM minor.

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