Matthew Hall

Undergraduate Advising

In order to improve undergraduate advising, PAM has split advising in two: Central advising and Faculty advising.

PAM Faculty Advising

Students will be assigned a faculty advisor to discuss student progress, academic performance, planning for electives, summer internships, post graduate studies, employment, and so on.  Hopefully the student and faculty will be able to create a sufficient relationship so that the faculty can write letters of recommendation and give personal references for students.

PAM Central Advising

All inquiries to do with the details of the curriculum sheets, and navigating department and college academic requirements should be directed to the PAM Central Advising.

College Advising and Career Advising

Additionally, students may utilize their CHE advisors for questions and guidance.  Topics that are most relevant to the Career Advisors include switching majors, leaves of absence, study abroad, academic difficulties, health problems, and so on.  However, the CHE advisors are also quite knowledgeable about curriculum requirements.