PAM Outstanding Seniors 2013

Policy Analysis and Management Courses

PAM course offerings for the upcoming semester: Fall 2017.

Course Syllabi for Fall 2017 will be attached as they come in.

You may also wish to visit the Course Catalog for a complete list of PAM courses, both graduate and undergraduate.

PAM 2300 - Introduction to Policy Analysis and Management 



"Prof. Avery is an outstanding professor. She really shows interest in her students. Even made it a point to remember everyone's name. Be sure to keep up w/ the readings to the best of your ability and go over slides for exams. She is always willing to help if needed. A very interesting class and she has amazing TAs."

PAM 4280 - The Economics of Risky Health Behaviors 



"One of the best courses I've ever taken at this school. Cawley's extremely knowledgeable about the field of health economics and teaches the material with enthusiasm. He always comes to class prepared and his lectures are always very interesting. It definitely helps that he is an excellent speaker."