Assistant Professor Corinna Loeckenhoff teaching class in the Commons Courtyard Professor Marianella Casasola's Lab Professor Nathan Spreng's Lab Human Ecology EEG & Psychophysiology Lab (HEP Lab) Professor Marianella Casasola's Lab HD major, Elizabeth DuPre works with Professor Nathan Spreng and MRI Technologist, Emily Qualls in the Cornell MRI Facility


Earn a Bachelor of Science degree through exploration of the psychological, social, cultural, and biological development of humans from conception to old age, focusing on the processes and mechanisms of growth and change over the life course. Review our educational goals.
Gain research experience in biological, cognitive, and emotional development; the role of the family, neighborhood, workplace, and culture on development; and the influence that developing humans have on their environment.
Prepare for careers in medicine, law, business, child and family advocacy, social work and education, research or to become a professor of Human Development, Sociology, Psychology or Neuroscience.


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