Fall 2017 rising HD Juniors & Seniors: Worried about graduating?
Worried about graduating?

Switching to the 2016-2017 HD curriculum may solve your graduation issues!

Here's why:

  • In the new major, you are no longer required to declare or fulfill a concentration. This means that you have more choices for what HD 4000-level courses you take.
  • Even though you still need 6 credits at 4000 level, we have made it more manageable. For example, in the new curriculum up to 3 of those credits can be HD4010 Empirical Research and 3 credits of HD4990 Honors Research can also count toward the major. (All of these credits must be graded; no S/Us allowed.)
  • The distribution/breadth requirement is MUCH simpler and easier to achieve.

    You don't need to talk to an advisor or file a petition,to make the switch.
Relieved by switching curriculum
         This is ALL you have to do:

         Email Lori Asperschlager at

         Provide your name, netid and CUID #

         Ask to be switched to the new major

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