James Jones-Rounds, HEP Lab Manager is the test subject for undergraduate researcher, Sofia Ribolla, from the Laboratory of Brain and Cognition directed by Nathan Spreng

Social and Personality Development

The social and personality group is represented by a number of faculty who explore the psychobiological and environmental foundation of personality traits, social bonding, identity development, sexual development, human mating and pair bonding, socio-emotional changes across the life course, decision making, self-regulation and attachment processes, social stressors for children and youth, child maltreatment, and the prevention of social and emotional problems. These topics are investigated at multiple levels of analyses (behavioral, cognitive, physiological, emotional), including the confluence of genetic, environmental, and epigenetic factors in the development of personality and social behavior. Faculty utilize a diverse array of methodologies, such as in-depth interviews, web-based surveys and diaries, cognitive-behavioral assessments, and neurophysiological methods (EEG, ERP, fMRI).

Core Program Faculty

Anthony Burrow, Assistant Professor of Human Development

Richard Depue, Professor of Human Development

John Eckenrode, Professor of Human Development

Cindy Hazan, Associate Professor of Human Development

Jane Mendle, Assistant Professor of Human Development

Qi Wang, Professor of Human Development

Vivian Zayas, Associate Professor of Psychology


Core Curriculum


Undergraduate Level:

Introduction to Personality

Developmental Psychopathology

Social Cognition & Development

Positive Psychology

Racial & Ethnic Identity Development

Human Bonding

Adult Psychopathology

Gender & Sexual Minorities

Seminar on Emerging Adulthood

Mind, Self & Emotion

Culture & Human Development

Transitions Across the Life Span

Adolescent Sexuality

Stress in Childhood & Adolescence

Research on Adult Attachment Phenomena

Psychopathology in Great Works of Literature


Graduate Level:

Social & Psychological Aspects of the Death Penalty

Graduate Seminar in Personality Development

Cultural Psychology

The Nature & Function of Affectional Bonds 


2013 Guest Speaker

Lisa Diamond, Professor of psychology and gender studies at the University of Utah
Just How Different are Female and Male Sexual Orientation?