Marianella Casasola

HD Faculty and Academic Staff

Professorial Faculty in Human Development

All professorial faculty in the Department teach graduate as well as undergraduate courses and, in addition, supervise graduate as well as undergraduate student research.

NameTitle(s)Research Interests
Adam Anderson
Assoc. Professor
emotion-cognition interactions, facial and peripheral/central physiological expression of emotions
Charles BrainerdProfessor/Dept.Chair
cognitive neuroscience; memory and cognitive development; mathematical modeling; psychology and law
Anthony BurrowAsst. Professor
ethnic minority psychology; identity processes; development and function of purpose among youth
Marianella CasasolaAssoc. Professor
developmental psychology; cognitive development; word learning, spatial cognition, and the relation between language and thought in infants
Stephen CeciProfessorecological model of intelligence; intellectual development; children and the law; forensic psychology
Richard DepueProfessorneurobiology of personality and psychopathology; psychobiology of temperament
Eve DeRosaAssoc. Professor
 attention and learning, cogntive and behavioral neuroscience
John Eckenrode
child abuse and neglect; early preventive interventions; stress and coping processes
Gary Evans
Professor (Joint with DEA)
children's environments; environmental stress; the environment of poverty
Cynthia Hazan
Assoc. Professor
affiliative bonding; attachment, parenting, and mating behavior; normative and individual difference processes in human social behavior
Katherine Kinzler
Assoc. Professor (Joint with PSYCH)
emergence of social group preferences and attitudes, children’s attention to language or accent as a marker of group membership
Tamar Kushnir
Assoc. Professor
cognitive development (early childhood); casual reasoning; social cognition/theory of mind; conceptual development/conceptual change; learning; casual modeling; computational models of learning and developmental change
Corinna Loeckenhoff
Assoc. Professor
life-span trajectories of motivation, emotion and personality; social cognition; health care choices and behaviors
Jane Mendle
Assoc. Professor
adolescent psychopathology; psychosocial development during puberty; behavioral genetics
Anthony Ong
Professor/ Director of Graduate Studies
stress and emotions; resilience and life course development; ethnic minority mental health
Karl Pillemer
sociology of family, aging, and the life course; social networks; family care provision to disabled elders; family conflict and abuse
Valerie Reyna
Professor/ Dept. Extension Leader
memory; judgment; decision making
Steven Robertson
fetal and infant development; early behavioral mechanisms and adaptive functions; developmental psychobiology; attention, thought, and action
Nathan Spreng
Asst. Professor
aging, cognitive neuroscience, fMRI, intrinsic connectivity networks, multivariate statistics, neuroimaging, neurology, personality and social neuroscience
Robert Sternberg
development of intelligence, creativity, wisdom, styles of learning and thinking, leadership, love, hate; teaching and learning; university education
Felix Thoemmes
Asst. Professor
Quantitative methods; causal inference; propensity scores; missing data; structural equation modeling
Qi Wang
autobiographical memory and self-concept in children and adults; emotion knowledge; cross-cultural research
Elaine Wethington
Professor/ Director of Undergraduate Studies
epidemiology of mental health and illness; gender, stress, and health
Wendy Williams
development, assessment, training and societal implications of intelligence and related abilities in children and adults; interrelationship of science and policy

Graduate Field Faculty (Non-Human Development)

Some professorial faculty in other departments are also members of the Graduate Field of Human Development and, thus, are also able to supervise graduate student research in the Department of Human Development, as well as in their respective home departments.

Rachel Dunifon
Policy Analysis & Management
Michael Goldstein
Valerie Hans
Cornell Law School
Daniel Lichter
Policy Analysis & Management
Cary Reed
Cornell Medical College
Sharon Sassler
 Policy Analysis & Management
Dawn Schrader
William Trochim
Policy Analysis & Management
Christopher Wildeman
Policy Analysis & Management
Nancy Wells
Design & Environmental Analysis
Vivian Zayas

Emeritus Faculty

Carol Anderson
Joan Brumberg
Moncrieff Cochran
James Garbarino
Stephen Hamilton
Jeffrey Haugaard
Barbara Koslowski (202 MVR Hall)
Barbara Lust (G57 MVR Hall)
Phyllis Moen
Ritch Savin-Williams


Postdoctoral Associates and Visitors in Human Development

Michael Ferguson

Yuval Erez

Additional Academic Staff in Human Development

Charles Henderson (Sr. Research Associate)

Karin Sternberg (Research Associate)