James Jones-Rounds, HEP Lab Manager is the test subject for undergraduate researcher, Sofia Ribolla, from the Laboratory of Brain and Cognition directed by Nathan Spreng

Risky Decision Making in Adolescents


New Approaches for Reducing Risk Taking

Valerie ReynaTo reduce adolescent risk taking, a different approach is needed: one that recognizes how adolescents reason. Research by Dr. Valerie Reyna sheds light on adolescent decision making and suggests new approaches for helping youth make good choices.                                  


Multimedia Presentations on Risky Decision Making in Adolescents 

Interventions for Risk Reduction and Avoidance in Adolescents 

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teensIn this collection of videos, slides, and articles, Dr. Valerie Reyna describes the developmental differences in the way adolescents make decisions and reviews her research regarding why adolescents perceive risks and benefits and yet take more risks. 


New Book: The adolescent Brain: learning, Reasoning, and Decision Making

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Why the teen brain is drawn to risk 

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Teens take risks to 'play the odds' but can be taught otherwise says Reyna to NYC media

Researchers and Educators Collaborate on Reducing the Risk in Adolescence

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Risk and Rationality in Adolescent Decision Making presentation on 5/07

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Risk-Taking Teens: interview with Dr. Reyna, 12/06

Teenage Risks, and How to Avoid Them: New York Times, December 18, 2007

Risky Business: The Surprising 'Rationality' of Adolescents: APS Observer, Volume 19, Number 12, 2006

Go Ahead, I Dare You: Newsweek Web-Exclusive Commentary, November 21, 2006

Why Teens Do Stupid Things: ChronicleOnline, December 4, 2006

Risk and Rationality in Adolescent Decision Making Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 2006

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