Undergraduate researchers, Elizabeth DuPue and Judith Mildner, working with Nathan Spreng in the MRI facility in MVR.

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Law, Psychology, and Human Development Research

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Presentations on Law, Psychology, and Human Development sponsored by the LPHD program

The LPHD Program at Cornell

What Parents and Professionals Need to Know about Children's Testimony

ChildChildren are increasingly called upon to testify in courts, most commonly in cases of maltreatment or divorce and child custody. Research by Valerie Reyna and Charles Brainerd provides insights that can help assess the validity of children's testimony and protect children's memories during questioning. [HD Outreach article]

  Guidelines on Memory and the Law

These guidelines provide an accessible and scientifically accurate framework for considering legal issues relating to memory. The report represents the culmination of an international working group set up by the Research Board of the British Psychological Society to study the latest evidence on human memory and how that evidence could be of use to the legal professions. Advisors to the working group included Charles Brainerd and Valerie Reyna. [Guidelines]

  References on Law, Psychology and Human Development

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