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Different Ages Need Different Risk Messages 

Risk Communication coverFrom emergency evacuation notices to how many vegetables to eat, people need good information to make good choices. A chapter on risk communication by Valerie Reyna in a new book on risk communication explains how people of different ages have different needs when it comes to understanding risk messages. [Online Book]

More Than Just the Facts: Helping Patients Make Informed Choices 

surgeonsGrowing evidence suggests that being exposed to facts is not the same as being informed. Valerie Reyna discusses the science behind why many people have difficulty extracting a meaningful bottom line from raw numbers and statistics and suggests ways to explain information so that patients can make informed choices. [Outreach publication]

Numeracy and Health: Helping Americans Do the Math

adding machineUnderstanding math is central to making decisions about finances and health. Valerie Reyna explains why it is difficult to understand raw numbers and statistics and suggests ways to explain information so that people can make better judgments. [Outreach publication

Video: Understanding and Communicating Risk and Benefit

Valerie Reyna Valerie Reyna discusses her research findings and how to help patients make informed decisions about medical treatment. [Video]


Open Access Articles: Theories of Medical Decision Making and Health

Reyna, V.F. (2008). Theories of Medical Decision Making and Health: An evidence-based approach.  Medical Decision Making, 28(6), 829.

Reyna, V.F. (2008). A Theory of Medical Decision making and Health: Fuzzy Trace Theory . Medical Decision Making, 28(6), 850-865.

Additional References on Medical Decision Making

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