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Learning About How Young Children Learn

child with toyResearch by Tamar Kushnir sheds light on how young children learn about cause and effect through everyday experiences. [ HD Outreach publication]

Research Sheds Light on How Babies Learn and Develop Language

Baby LanguageResearch by Marianella Casasola provides a window into how babies learn and develop language skills during the first 2 years of life. Her findings demonstrate that infants are learning about their language well before they speak their language. [ HD Outreach publication]   

Discovering Child Language and Cognitive Growth

Child in Sri LankaResults from research by Barbara Lust and colleagues in the Cornell Language Acquisition Lab demonstrate how well equipped children are, beginning at birth, to accomplish the complex task of learning language. [ HD Outreach publication]

The Way She Speaks: Maternal Conversation Style and Children's Developing Autobiographical Memory and Sense of Self

Parent talking to childResearch by Qi Wang shows how culture influences the way mothers share memories with their children which in turn influences children's self-concept.[ HD Outreach publication]