James Jones-Rounds, HEP Lab Manager is the test subject for undergraduate researcher, Sofia Ribolla, from the Laboratory of Brain and Cognition directed by Nathan Spreng

Faculty Research Laboratories and Support Areas

Research Laboratories

Adolescent Transitions Lab
Room B01, G07, G08 MVR Hall
Jane Mendle, Assistant Professor

Adult Attachment Lab
Cindy Hazan, Associate Professor

Affect and Cognition Laboratory
Room 163 Human Ecology Building
(607) 255-7172
Eve De Rosa, Associate Professor
Adam Anderson, Associate Professor

Child Witness and Cognition Lab
Room G84 MVR Hall
(607) 254-1506
Stephen J. Ceci, Professor

Cornell Infant Studies Laboratory, (CISL)
Room B53 MVR Hall
(607) 254-1388; (607) 227-7653
Infants: 6-24 months
Marianella Casasola, Associate Professor

Cornell Institute for Women in Science, (CIWS)
Research and information on various topics relevant to women's experiences in scientific careers.
Wendy Williams, Professor
Stephen J. Ceci, H.L. Carr Professor

Cornell Language Acquisition Lab (CLAL)
Room 289 MVR Hall
(607) 255-8090
Barbara Lust, Professor

Early Childhood Cognition Laboratory
Rooms B40, B41, B54 MVR Hall
(607) 254-6457
Tamar Kushnir, Associate Professor

Healthy Aging Laboratory
Room G59 & G60A MVR Hall
(607) 255-2457
Corinna Loeckenhoff, Associate Professor

Human Development EEG and Psychophysiology Laboratory, (HEP Lab)
Room 256 Human Ecology Building
(607) 255-9883
James Jones-Rounds, Laboratory Manager

Laboratory of Brain and Cognition
Room T320 MVR Hall
(607) 255-2449
Nathan Spreng, Assistant Professor

Laboratory for Rational Decision Making
Room G331 & G341 MVR Hall
(607) 254-1504
Charles Brainerd
, Professor
Valerie Reyna, Professor

Memory and Neuroscience Laboratory
Room G331 & G341 MVR Hall
(607) 254-1172
Charles J. Brainerd, Professor

Purpose and Identity Processes Laboratory
Room G06 & G60E
Anthony Burrow, Assistant Professor

Quantitative Methods Lab
Room G92
(607) 255-7112
Felix Thoemmes, Assistant Professor

Robertson Infant Lab
Room G335 MVR Hall
(607) 255-9076
Infants: 1-3 months
Steven Robertson, Professor

Culture & Social Cognition Lab
Rooms 201, 206, 207 MVR Hall
Qi Wang, Professor

Research Support Areas

Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research
Beebe Hall
Phone: (607) 255-8086
Karl Pillemer, Co-Director
Elaine Wethington, Associate Director

Cornell MRI Facility
G301 Martha Van Rensselaer Hall
Phone: (607) 255-0306
Valerie Reyna, Yi Wang, Co-Directors

Human Neuroscience Institute
Martha Van Rensselaer Hall
Valerie Reyna, Director